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Brand furniture assembles in another name for Guangdong Province Shanghai autumn
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On September 8 - exposition of furniture of international of Guangzhou of 11 days of the 22nd China kicks off grandly, on September 10 - exhibition of furniture of 13 days of the 14th China International is begun in Shanghai. Exhibit in this two old furniture in, gathered to come from home and international each old furniture brand, many item on display design clever, model chic, color is flowery, attracted numerous audience to look around.

Guangzhou piece

  Natural cool breeze:

Environmental protection is one of themes that people takes seriously most nowadays, the cane makes furniture as it happens agree " furniture is natural also " connotation. The cane made furniture also not be people place a few days ago unfamiliar, through elaborate design and cloth art the cane of perfect confluence makes a bed provide, sofa, desk, tea table appears emotional appeal strikings.

Fashionable streamline:

The line of software furniture decided its aesthetic feeling greatly, the body in winding and fluent line reveals bouncing and lively fashionable sense. Hold a line and colorific seat concurrently, although put them in the corner in the room, also cannot let person oversight their existence.

   Ethical amorous feelings:

The element of the design never is lacked in Chinese traditional culture. Ma Wang piles the lacquer color of red black alternate with in Chinese grave to be come out by extraction, desk of candlestick, beat, chest, seat is interweaving one by one rich Chinese generation color, traditional color is not be duplicated simply, of modern aesthetic by clever in blending in furniture, coming true nation and blend contemporarily.

Shanghai piece

 International " mix build "

All sorts of nation elements are ceaseless nowadays by stylist have words, mixture collocation, shanghai exhibits the international that go up " mix build " wind is very popular. Southeast Asia element by Spanish stylist " grafting " traditional Spanish element, southeast Asia and Yibiliya are disclosing in detail of the peninsula bold and unrestrained with exquisite.
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