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Fashionable furniture consumes new window into China
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The monthly statistic number that issues according to national statistic bureau, this year turnover of consumable of 1~7 month society five thousand nine hundred and sixty-seven billion two hundred million yuan, grow 21.7% compared to the same period. The number makes clear, of economy of our country countryman inside the impetus that needs a respect to continued to maintain smooth rapidder growth. Be in in recent years inside below the situation that need rises evenly continuously, chinese consumable market grows quickly, and fashionable household articles for use consumes market new window into China. Introduce according to of Chen Wen of director of referral center of center of Beijing trade news, in recent years scale of production of articles for use of our country household and sale dimensions expand ceaselessly, consumption of Beijing household articles for use appears high-grade change, the trend that individuation, brand changes. Liang Meifang of vice director of center of Shanghai trade news discloses, as now people the change of lifestyle, household has made the window with new spending, inn-keeper of Shanghai general merchandise resides things sale to show year after year to grow impetus, bazaar of a lot of general merchandise is being adjusted ceaseless enlarge lives in a product to sell an area greatly among the structure.

Chen Wen also points out at the same time, at present most China designs production household articles for use to lack innovation, consumer often nots hesitate beautiful heavy gold is bought hold <> concurrently high quality with beautiful and easy abroad brand, live with deck individuation space, reveal individual grade. Be the superexcellent opportunity that international consumable produces business to enter Chinese market at present.

China (Shanghai) international vogue lives in things exhibition hold fast echo market demand, exhibition of articles for use of household of vogue of China International of first Interior Lifestyle China- exhibits afterwards can be in Shanghai to exhibit a center at coming 16 days on September 13, 2007 after the success is held, the 2nd Interior Lifestyle China -- 2008 China (Shanghai) international vogue lives in things exhibition will this year in November 19 be in Shanghai to exhibit a center to hold again to 22 days. First postpone many nearly 180 business that can come from 12 countries and area, exhibit the high quality product that showed full of beautiful things in eyes, the abroad that exceeds half above among them exhibited business to bring the world to live in the product with the trendiest domain, the Chinese importer that this lives in the market to exhibit boxing foot greatly to want to be in China and shopkeeper brought a lot of machine to meet, the importer that lets China and shopkeeper do not go abroad the door can close quarters bring into contact with the person is numerous brand of world top class household. The 2nd is exhibited there can be more than 10 many states a few days ago 50 many come from abroad well-known trademark to affirm ginseng exhibit, have 3 states exhibit business to affirm with exhibiting a group formal ginseng is exhibited. Brands of these abroad and famous household will bring the household product of rich fashionable color and content of science and technology for Chinese consumer at the appointed time, live in the vigor element with market new infuse for China.
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