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Furniture square dreams 14 years one-stop household concept expands grow
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Furniture line of business person sell furniture not merely, the country waits in beautiful day, furniture and bridal form a complete set are OK of link up with. Zhang Jinquan of chairman of square of this locality furniture also hopes line of business of our country furniture can grow toward this kind of mode, establish furniture exhibition even, and groom scientifically employee. But his dream needs to have a 1 million square foot local ability comes true.

Bright and beautiful spring points out, in existing 150 thousand square foot in the area, the play space of furniture square gets confine. He says: "We need vaster space, accommodate more tenement, besides existing furniture and household design things, also hope to accommodate things of things of electric home appliances

He says, hire also is a problem, if owner increases hire ceaselessly, can frighten run tenement. Optimal is to be able to find a place that has 30 years of time at least, let tenement people can install a person's mind to extend business. The brand already built public praise, want further progress to blame a trouble.

Develop furniture square into " sightseeing dot "

Zhang Jinquan says: "The Economic Development Board previously (EDB) the furniture professional work that ever sent a person to just inspect place to and other places of the United States, Japan, the person that we discover local trade pays attention to the integral sex of furniture very much, especially Japan, the form a complete set that still joins wedding and marriage banquet, this is their characteristic, here OK also so do, but to today, such form a complete set still cannot be fulfilled.

"We are seeking new site actively ceaselessly, hope government also can give us these small and medium sized business more allowance and support. These year come, annual and average investment makes furniture square 1 million yuan advertisement and conduct propaganda, arrive to be at present stop, already cost more than 14 million yuan, this is not a small amount, accordingly we hope ' furniture square ' this brand can be hit more resonantly, what we do is the art of furniture, because this thinks,do so that implement scale more a few.

"If can find newly place, can establish a fixed exhibition, can hire a businessman to undertake the product is revealed at ordinary times wait with activity, match. The employee here also has a pretty place to undertake grooming, let them possess more substantial knowledge and information, this is the demand with service the mainest people. If neighbour wants to buy furniture, can think incoming Singapore is bought, this is more successful. Why a lot of people (include adjacent country) run to Italy to buy furniture, because of here (when the ground) the design that cannot buy them to want. We must be accomplished want to buy furniture, think of ' furniture square ' . If can ' furniture square ' development becomes a sightseeing to nod, that is idealer! That is idealer!!
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