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China International furniture exhibits the element that combines international d
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Review global furniture trade, asian market has oppugned the ground to enter the arena of world furniture line of business without commonplace! The furniture that regards an Asia as the first of all inside course of study is exhibited -- China International furniture is exhibited, will be your include all information of market of this one flourishing!

Came 13 days on September 10, 2008, furniture of the 14th China International is exhibited will read extensively in Shanghai new international the center is held ceremoniously. China International furniture is exhibited is Asian dimensions the furniture regale with the biggest, the most all ready class, exhibit limited company to be made together jointly by Chinese furniture association and Shanghai Bohua international. Since establishing 1993, as annual extend meeting scope gradually outspread, the furniture exhibition this year adds unprecedented land to 350, 000 square metre show an area, among them 250, 000 square metre are to exhibit meeting to accumulate, 100 thousand square metre is professional market is medium " the inn in inn " with manufacturer " flagship store " , received 2, more than 000 ginseng postpones a business, receive the furniture of tens of thousands of to produce the manufacturer, arrival that purchases supplier of facilities of business, production to wait for professional personage.

Exhibit meeting cent to be 6 large fraction themes, taste from civil furniture, office furniture, household act the role ofing, ambry furniture, excellent a manufacturing facilities and former complementary material. At the appointed time, hold the corresponding period exhibition of furniture of office of the 14th China International, 2008 China International household act the role ofing tastes cloth art and lamp to act the role of exhibition of ambry of exhibition, 2008 China International (exhibition of facilities of production of furniture of the 14th KCC 2008) , China International and Yuan Fucai makings (FMC 2008) , . 4 days short, the free with the artistic to prospective life stylist that lets you experience Xin Rui thinks, experience the professional manufacturer endless pursuit to furniture craft, can calls household the hall of the elite inside course of study.

2008 a year be Chinese rough every! Reach an experience to let an audience can have more ideal site to experience, exhibit the can medium person that above average as Asian furniture, exhibition of China International furniture buys what with its brand-new figure welcomes to come from world each district the home people. You will experience the glamour that to industry of this one furniture top class brand exhibits again, not only because of its assemble the Asia's best furniture kind product, what what also bring you because of it is brand-new vision and feeling view concussion. Exhibit can sponsor square Shanghai Bo Huaguo border to exhibit limited company and France famous design firm Saguez&Partners discusses of the month ceaselessly through 6 many and design, gifted exhibit can new form elephant, from exhibit meeting mark to get stuck to the bosom, from proceedings of a conferences the design marks to the spot dye-in-the-wood look brand-new, and combine store of naval vessel of Ju Qi of Home Xu Jiahui collect business to encircle the main plot that start long already " the linkage that exhibit inn " mode.
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