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08 markets see a drop newly: Furniture of Chinese style culture seizes the oppor
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Last weekend, miss Li that wedding day still has two weeks was added to oneself again dotal- - the casket of a Chinese style, "My grandma has before, more beautiful than this. When moving later, did not have, I often am considering should buy. "Evidence makes clear, more and more China youths are making Chinese styleFurnitureconsumer or exact customer, and before the consumptive group of this one market is centered in 40 years old of above this age level.

These buy behavior wildly to explaining gradually a bit: Accumulate the favour that contains the Chinese style furniture of many China element to winning Chinese customer with its particular culture connotation, market of Chinese style furniture by canter begin to quicken.

Manufacturing business plays culture sale card greatly

The achievement that nearly 30 years economy builds besides the name that alive bound puts on more Chinese in the honoured guest list of top class luxury, make compatriots right return to traditional culture to show huge enthusiasm. It is important that consumer begins to regard as Chinese culture Chinese culture conciously when commodity of choose and buy think element. Without doubt, this kind of trend general reachs a peak through grand meeting of 08 Beijing Olympic Games.

The furnisher of olfactory acumen people had begun to prepare, lending an Olympic Games east wind while, chinese culture card becomes the masterstroke of each sale strategy.

General manager Chen Yujun accepts the limited company of furniture of Wei of Hong Kong China that oath should lead Chinese style popular agitation say when media special report: "Why we do Chinese style, key promotion, can extend Chinese culture namely come out. "A person of academic or artistic distinction was provided last year in March exhibit on, company of Wei of Hong Kong China is in industry head pushs range of products of Chinese style of Oriental " of " freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting, amaze the people with a single brilliant feat, the series of " of " Cheng Tang that engineers this year also has been pushed to the market.

Emperor government family property- - one of sponsors of furniture of Beijing Olympic Games - also put total energy in how to go out Chinese element through Olympic Games promotion.

And Shenzhen limited company of family property of auspicious benefit craft, one has the old brand company of 30 old histories, what devote oneself to Chinese conventional furniture all the time is successive with development. Their brand " friendly couplet is consumer already for domestic " hep.

Can say, majority of home's relatively at present famous company of native land furniture is making the text of Chinese style furniture. This kind strong let specialize in beautiful type even lens power group also must be in the export business of classic furniture market Olympic Games year the furniture of series of " of " large fortune that rolled out traditional lasting appeal of extremely rich China, and exert oneself puts in home market.
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