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It is good that data appears market of diversity female furniture
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The modelling of furniture, display, collocation is the main measure that builds bedroom style, so, going up somehow, furniture is the best carrier that people realizes living ideal. And go up in the choice of furniture and degree of be fond of, be because of the person different. But, people or hope know the popular climate of a few furniture more as far as possible, the consumption with him guidance, renew oneself idea. So, what can furniture stylist offer to decorate the inspiration of household and concept this year? What culture and typical feature can furniture blend in again? Still will see the trend that sees furniture popularity.

   Euramerican furniture no longer " costly "

Because the United States is right,the bedroom furniture that the China of the entrance manufactures begins to collect oppose dumping tax, make those domestic manufacturers that give priority to in order to export the United States change the target to home market, this makes the price of beautiful type furniture will have 2005 substantially drop.

In addition, a lot of income compare wealthy family, begin to favore Italy and Spanish furniture, because Italian furniture uses hyperbole of makings fastidious, design; And furniture bullion adornment of Spain is more, aristocratic energy of life is very, according with one part person to go after classical grade, plus these two years it is Italian culture year, to Italian culture elaborate the contemporary design culture that cannot forget its are long of course.

Additionally the message says, luxurious former days boreal Europe furniture also will put down social status to take home of common common people, as competition more and more intense, can have more " costly " furniture drops frame work.

   Furniture of classic Chinese style still suffers bestow favor on

Before long, when the foreigner favour of classic to China furniture has when adding, chinese rich estate is in mad angle is alleged European amorous feelings, "Sterling entrance furniture " the pride that once was them. And be like today, perhaps be economic progress is inevitable, perhaps be the people regression to traditional culture, anyhow, the foreigner is not decreased to the enthusiasm of Chinese classic furniture, the Chinese's enthusiasm also is rising quickly. The beauty of Chinese classic furniture depends on composed, depend on the grain colour and lustre of qualitative itself of its fluent structure line and material. Because it chooses precious and natural lumber, accord with modern to seek natural, environmental protection, healthy consumption concept; The imagination that its beauty still depends on it stay for years insides information with deep historical culture between sky, can highlight master humanitarian temperament and individual character gout well, it is the character in modern society and vogue replace highest grade indispensably. In addition, classic furniture is deeply welcome still protecting at it be worth and appreciate latent capacity. And the design innovation of new classic furniture remains Chinese style the problem that Chinese stylist should solve above all.
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