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Beautiful type furniture: of of temple of Rong of dirt take along sth to sb
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Furniture of archaize of this beautiful type designs a style to give priority to with gothic classic furniture, vulture acts the role of the design with edge of line, top, shirt-sleeve the element of Gu Xila and ancient Rome culture, be united in wedlock to contemporary home resides culture and habits and customs and be designed. Integral model system reveals ancient Rome of Yang Gang, atmospheric to build culture and gothic furniture to design model, detail carve is acted the role of the color photograph with female gentle and lovely is shirt-sleeve.

Cut into parts subtly cut, sculpture and set project, in the stereo simple sense like outstanding anaglyph while, go after beautiful arc and radian, do one's best shows rich artistic breath adequately on design of line, scale.

Beautiful type furniture although be born out of is in charge of at Ou Shigu furniture, but slam the door of make public of its heavy and complicated display a color, appear atmosphere, of primitive simplicity, rich simple sense, commonly used do old come the mark that depict uses, stress its abstruse and long history. What beautiful type furniture goes after Oushi to live in on modelling is classical with perfect, onefold color chooses on colour, seek simple sense, what protruding shows beautiful type to live in is high quality. And in practical backside, also go after artistic quality, OK and pure with Yu Yi art is admired.

Present beautiful type amorous feelings had added requirement of a lot of life evolve with confluence. Bulk is narrowing, colour is becoming weak, line is in concise, craft hasten is multivariate, blend in Oriental element and aesthetic appeal even. This ability is true beautiful form culture the come down in one continuous line on spirit, shirt-sleeve, freedom and comfortable, not by rule, more pursuit human nature is changed.

Film the ground nods: Palace lives in house of Home Da Vinci, Luo Fu

Restore ancient ways, deduce beautiful type furniture naturally

Genetic: The couple that takes doctrine is tasted

The United States is the emigrant country with brief history, their first household style is to take doctrine completely, not only can the shadow of furniture of peek Europe each country, also have the technique of a few designs that from the civilization such as China ancient country introduces. In the American classical furniture that comes down from a lot of 18~19 century run in the family, can see inchoate United States first civilian pioneering spirit and advocate natural principle.

The dresser from this archaize can see, furniture emphasizes the harmony with qualitative material, oak and leather, bronze metal, produce the aesthetic feeling of stock nature adequately. Stylist people the unity that devotes oneself to form and function, in retained romantic charm of Ou Shigu allusion while, pay attention to the need of human essence morely, make furniture and person more press close to.
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