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08 sports grand occasion year marry flourishing age year furniture industry fore
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Whole of standard of living of our country dweller rises and give birth to the arrival of generation marriage fastigium alone, drive Chinese marriage to love the formation of industrial catenary. Implement family planning policy from 1978 up to now close already 30 years, generation singleton of Chinese female already entered marry fastigium. 2008 sports grand occasion year, this is a time that has the history to commemorate a meaning extremely, it is one marries more year.

At present most family belongs to our country " 421 " type construction, suffer the effect of traditional culture and rich family complex, new personality marriage can get the economy of the elder such as bilateral parents supports, consumptive ability is general taller. Predict, the whole nation was registered 2008 marry the number will achieve ten million to be opposite, from marry the direct spending structure of the crowd looks, include to buy a house, those who buy furniture inside related to house home be benefited for a long time model consumption holds the most significant proportion, whole marriage total of service market spending is as high as 1.6 trillion yuan, among them furniture spending total exceeds 80 billion yuan.

Driving demand is ecbolic Chinese marriage loves furniture the wide perspective of market of this one fractionize. Combine Ou Liu " dream Paris " , took the lead in discovering Chinese marriage loves the huge market potential of furniture, and essence of life allows fixed position of ground general brand to love furniture at Chinese marriage the first brand.

Of the romance that Paris is famed whole world, associated Europe land invites France to design Great Master Strsaekt to reach the life emotional appeal with recreational individual character with the romantic feelings with Western-style flange, craftsmanship provides the fashionable high-quality goods that makes an extremely rich modern breath alone " dream Paris " . In the times that individuation consumes, fashionable and young gens makes mainstream group of consumption. Combine Ou Liu " dream Paris " series product, be exact location of essence of life at young vogue gens consumes a group, stylist with " raise light color, individual character flies upwards " to design dominant, use the design style of compendious vogue, the modelling of choiceness avant-courier, simple and agile line, the colour of lively bright and beautiful, accord with the structure of principle of human body engineering, the figure element of appropriate, deduce fashionable gens to seek the free space of individual character to the top of one's bent.

Combine Ou Liu " dream Paris " , be dedicated to making Chinese marriage love furniture fractionize market the first brand! 2008, website of the biggest door forms associated Europe land and China strategic partner is allied, initiate sponsor " dream Paris - search the most beautiful bride " romance of 2008 cities bride is asked for choose countrywide large activity, and in 2008 spring romance is started. This second activity holds to the culture kernel of tide of vogue of furniture of associated Europe land, with " dream Paris - search the most beautiful bride " for the theme, start formally during furniture exhibited Dongguan name in March, save city to establish minute of competion area each in the whole nation, from March the bottom lasts to December, cent sea is chosen, - final of each city competion area----Total final. The activity cooperates to combine agency of Europe land place to spread out to be the carrier, large promotion activity that is name with romance with the activity, strong promotion combines Ou Liu advocate hit range of products, collect a target to consume group view, terminal of get the upper hand of.
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