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Small family times is muti_function furniture market demand is stronger and stro
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The Xiaofang that Miss Yang bought a 80 square metre in Song Jiang, just decorate recently, be in all the time these days ramble furniture market, hope choose and buy a few muti_function furniture, but a few days ramble, a little disappointed however, in the imagination very should much muti_function furniture actually very difficult look for.

Miss Yang thinks originally, the country pushs small family policy, furniture company can seize the opportunity to roll out the small family of a few muti_function, alterable form, small size furniture for certain, but actually, in furniture market muti_function furniture sort is very little, still had appeared before New Year more almost but fold sofa, table opens market, even if has a few muti_function furniture, its dimension also slants mostly big, do not accord with small family model need.

When decorating, stylist suggests Miss Yang does not find a place for alone inside the sitting room repast area, the tea table before using sofa replaces table, this is about to search a mesa to be able to rise falling tea table, but seek a few old furniture markets of Shanghai, the assistant states such tea table never has seen. And the think of a way that Miss Yang thinks to replace ark of the head of a bed with dresser also comes true hard, the dresser bizygomatic breadth that because the market offers up a sacrifice,answers exceeds ark of the head of a bed greatly. What Miss Yang thinks those who buy is one looks from foreign magazine most is dynamoelectric receive a bed, the bed body of this kind of bed can turn into by the level with dynamoelectric means perpendicular at wall body, bed body is received by day in ambry, in the evening, push button is pressed, bed system can slip automatically from inside cabinet put oneself in another's position piece. The assistant tells her, home of this kind of bed does not have an entrance at present, even if has, its price affirmation is very tall also, waited for domestic company to buy this kind of patent only, mass production, the price just may be received to suffer by Chinese consumer.

As market small family model to the limit of one's capacity and people ask to housing rise, the market demand of small family furniture will more and more intense. Face the market demand that increases increasingly, partial enterprise begins to consider production to fasten a row to suit small family model furniture, but from eye antecedent condition looks, the business of business chance of market of nose small family furniture is not much still, many enterprises still are in look lock surely in on high-grade furniture. Miss Yang thinks, the enterprise does not wish to produce small family home to provide, the likelihood is to feel to buy small family model owner purchasing power is limited, and muti_function furniture cost is higher, the enterprise gets reasonable profit hard. Actually otherwise, very much now buy small family model owner purchasing power is not weak, for instance, the house that Miss Yang buys 80 much square metre a person lives, to living the condition has very high demand. To this, expert of city furniture guild suggests, appreciate as the RMB and rise of labor cost, raw material cost ceaselessly, company of large part furniture is faced with bigger and bigger live pressure, the enterprise should not forgo the auspicious business chance of market of small family furniture.
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