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The golden age of hotel of new York of classic furniture emersion
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The Studio Workshops that is set in san Francisco and los angeles is the sister company of Therien &Co of antique broker company, it is newest the furniture range of products that roll out is sedulous emersion the golden age of new York hotel. In last century initial stage, the public figure comes in and go out again and again the burgeoning and modern place of the emerge in large numbers like the bamboo shoots in spring after Yu Ruyu, the costly manner that the establishment of meantime is displaying that time (include electric lamp and air conditioning) . This Home Manhadu is provided include two sofa and 3 chairs, all name with the public house with famous new York. The · of virgin copartner Bob of Studio Workshops Garcia says: "This series echo go up century the specific feeling of 20 time, these hotel great majority are built at that time. These hotel great majority are built at that time..

Really, chair of the Plaza sofa of this series, St.Regis and Pierre deck chair all use lacquer of rose board material and handiwork, the style of contemporary adornment art that presents a popularity of that time terribly. However, waldorf chair reachs sofa of footrest, Essex to go up it is thus clear that dimly century 60 time are the following design scene.

These furniture are not unvarnished copy, still not be to be modelled on partly even, its are designed just accumulate contained this paragraph parting before long the style of time, because this suits a lot of environments to use, include contemporary atmosphere. Concept of this kind of design mirrorred this company to pay close attention to new change of the focus.

20 old before, sailien established Studio Workshops, make the replica of classic furniture technically. Garcia says: "The product of Studio Workshops has very traditional tendency at that time, get for the most part the influence of 18 century furniture of European. " nevertheless the centre of gravity of the company begins to produce change 5 years ago, because also cannot be ignored again " this tide that tilts to contemporary design style " . He points out: "This tide appears in 20 centuries in the auction market of classical furniture, also because appear new client group and all the more is apparent. This new client group age is 339 years old, its fasten the life grade of appearance to be not antique furniture to be able to be satisfied. They pay close attention to contemporary design very much. They pay close attention to contemporary design very much..

Accordingly, series furniture used this Manhadu straight from the shoulder contemporary style. Its exterior lines is clean and brief, and its produce a course, for the word that uses Garcia, need what design more severe exacting than the tradition to make labour art, because " detail must be accomplished accurate " . The company does not use the juncture with facing very not tasteful cover, solve a problem through mathematical joint technique however. "We cannot have any fault, especially the copula of fabrics and timber, " he says, "The biggest challenge depends on the joint of metallic frame and gasket, ensure chromic film is perfect at the same time. The face involves a lot of technology here. " the company employed about 40 craftsman, cooperate with other company, undertake machining to metal and plank.
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