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Enter type cloakroom, come from Euramerican and fashionable human nature to chan
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An outfit idea of modern and when all is entered, had produced very big change. People discrepancy is different the dress that the place needs to wearing different type, wait like suit of formal attire, profession, recreational outfit, sportswear, at the same time even the shoe that matchs to it, cap, cravat, bag is reached deserve to act the role of. Different material, money dress has again set pattern differently, its capacity and memory means already cannot satisfy traditional chest the move that collocation of dress of person complete set comes in and go out fits a requirement. Entering type cloakroom is a kind of when in this kind the new way that put the clothes asks to lay arise at the historic moment burgeoning furniture, store up as a kind when what in decorating the residence completely, create space, get especially the welcome of young household, those who make elegant living is vivid reflect.

Alleged " enter type cloakroom " , it uses a room or an interior space namely, surround what close and become through put oneself in another's position of cabinet of a few functions, collection store is put, reveal, change the stereo space of clothings. Entering type cloakroom to be able to be regarded is can amid walks the chest of freely, can the place that amid change clothes trades a cap, the deposits clothings for hut that can inspect already, can regard it as to exceed big chest again. The dress display of this kind of unifinication, collect a concept, great and convenient the go outing of people is going outfit and the clothings after coming home are deposited.

Here we enter type cloakroom to be with Shiniman exemple, the application that learns from human body work efficiency, quantity is ordered personally make, the fittings establishment that human nature changes, trouble-free design, agree with 5 respects to discuss the human nature that enters type cloakroom to change a design with what build a space.

One, the application that human body work efficiency learns

In furniture design, the use person that the main problem that human body work efficiency learns to consider is furniture, furniture and environment 3 person the harmony between concerns. Human body work efficiency learns apply the consideration that was full of person reason to change, make a design closer, more comfortable, filled fission to show to be with the person this thought, it is with the person this the advantage that the design basically reflects in functional design, use process and aesthetic experience these a few respects.

Shi Niman enters type cloakroom the principle that the interior space design of cabinet put oneself in another's position carried out work efficiency to learn. The area of storage space function of cloakroom can divide for: Hang put a division (the area that hang the garment, area that hang pants) , the drawer area, area that put a shoe, shirt area, deposit small area such as cravat and underwear, sundry area, change wash clothings area, quilt area to wait. In design of cabinet put oneself in another's position, the habit that the decorated sufficient ground to consider human body static state of these functional areas and dynamic dimension, person that use accesses clothings and imitate use the specific issue such as the experience of the process.
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