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Enjoy classic glamour to buy a lacquer art furniture
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Leisurely of the Chinese nation history of thousands of years, alive left countless gem. A when outshine the rest in culture of material of Chinese ancient time strange flower -- lacquer craft, also extend in art of Chinese history culture the 08 of extraordinary splendour year, and make a showy display of one's abilities. The civilized stroke 5000 falls dust, show more clearly before common people. Lived in a bound 2008, china classic culture is applied to the top of one's bent, brandish is aspersed, the culture of characteristic of emersion the Chinese nation and artistic mark are slash.

From the red paint of the The Neo-lithic Age Mu Wanfa extends period of bright Qing Dynasty, arrive again contemporary, lacquer craft is ceaseless successive, innovation, development. Qi Yi was labelled nowadays bequest of Chinese immaterial culture, it is an artistic class that is main intermediary material with lacquer. Cent is: Lacquer, lacquer painting, Qi Susan kind.

  Ground of Hunan person Hunan makes lacquer contain distinctive district culture

Hunan ground, this products the cloud dream that cloud and mist of abundant, the four seasons winds around the ground of river lustre, climate warmth, wet, natural Qi Shu popularizes hill of Qin Ling, bus, Wu Shan, fierce to be taken when the mountain range, for noble of Hunan kingly palace lives at that time decoration of Xiu lacquer craft provided rich corporeal resource.

Hunan person " Shang Chi " consuetudinary result from disposition enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained, romantic idle ease. Lacquer arrives from remote antiquity Chu Han, outspread to bright Qing Dynasty, lacquer is in endless flow of history of the Chinese nation, twinkling distinctive district culture.

The reporter is in in visitting, discovered city of Xu Dong antique " Chu Fengtang " lacquer inn, this inn, the dribs and drabs that changes Chu Wen uses lacquer skill in, showed the romantic picture scroll with a mysterious magnificent.

Magnificent lacquer is acted the role of taste draw materials diversity

Boss of hall of the wind that occupy Hunan introduces, the lacquer artwork inside inn abounds diversity, included lacquer furniture, vase, candlestick, hang draw and hang, compote is waited a moment, the decorative pattern on lacquer all is the pattern that has Chinese traditional lasting appeal, for instance, bird of lotus of glossy ganoderma, peony, treasure, kylin, phoenix, sparrow, fire. These design are had avoid unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, town curtilage, pray blessing, get together the implied meaning such as money, will abstruse Hunan culture made very detailed and perfect explanatory note.

It is reported, these lacquer are acted the role of tasting adoption data basically is -- wooden embryo, get together embryo of fat lacquer embryo. Exterior lacquer is given priority to with cashew lacquer and nitro- lacquer. Enchase material to normally bone of conch, chorion, metal, horn, Mu Shi waits. Pass these data make, the lacquer precipitation as years, yue Xianguang is slippery expensive gas.
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