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How the floor with choose and buy and suitable furniture?
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The process is decorated in the family in, the choice of the floor nots allow to make mistake, because change,rising is too troublesome really. So the floor board that faces mixed, different style, how should consumer choose? Of course, he like is the mainest factor, but how to have match with metope furniture ability is the most harmonious, still have Zhang Ke follow.

   Chinese and Western adds up to a wall exalted restore ancient ways

Classic beauty is human heart in the beauty of homage, massiness and have inside information, it is the aesthetic elite that human history comes down in the in elapsing deposit of years years. Classic beauty was not masked by the fashionable ray of modern society, instead more and more the self-expression form that becomes brownstone place praise highly. All without exception of various furniture restoring ancient ways with classic or brunet massiness is reflecting Chinese style master culture details and aesthetic to the history recall. The color such as oak and fleeting time oak is oak of Ma Bao Mu, ancient fort, Baluoke, classic and the exterior result that the color of massiness matchs to be handled in order to restore ancient ways, can foil well give nobility and inside the Wang Zhe of collect wind model.

   Expert proposal: Chinese style and Western-style and classic color are very grave and complementary with restoring ancient ways the effect is handled, tie-in white or weak meter of maize wall, classic lamps and lanterns and canvas make decoration, wind model was in master everybody to be contained in the style that restore ancient ways and be not shown.

   Massiness of ancient fort oak is dark

Classic with contemporary union, restore ancient ways with vogue double and yearning with pursuit, make beautiful inspirational leap is in any places that manage elaborate design. Oak of gold of Er of lukewarm demand of wood of cherry of quietly elegant maple, pearl and rural style, Wensuoer is shallow oak can make classic faultlessly confluence.

   Expert proposal: The furniture with floor and classic style, lamps and lanterns and door are tie-in, can achieve very good whole to decorate the effect, also can allocate the wall of cream-colored, Dan La, weak pink, highlight master different style preference, it may be said " weak makeup thick wipe always appropriate " .