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The expert raises action furniture hardware how to distinguish a country to prod
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Furniture hardware, look although,be like small but the business chance market with very big presence. It is very difficult that the product of some appearances likeness invites customer argue is fastened true with bogus. The expert gives out a few very pragmatic point of views, help consumer friend area divide furniture hardware producing area, so that choose appropriate oneself product.

Hardware it is the very crucial component in contemporary furniture, do not see build small, in certain level it can decide the function of furniture and service life however. Import hardware fittings and difference of price of homebred hardware fittings in the market now tremendous, and use effect also has certain difference, some Js often pretend to be entrance hardware fittings with fittings of a few homebred hardware, get sudden huge profits, so, consumer regards blame major as the personage, how will maintain oneself interest? The expert is built discuss, consumer can be passed the following 3 methods judge this hardware true " entrance " .

One, because the hinge of the entrance is used makings is exquisite, the hinge with general more homebred weight weighs 20 % to arrive 30 % , the surface eletroplates exquisite and smooth. In addition the hinge of the entrance plays reed frontier department to be handled glossily neat, high grade hinge added nylon protector technically still. And homebred a lot of hinge play reed frontier department to be handled without burnish, have burr.

2, entrance hinge plays reed lube part to use flaxen or ivory top class lubricating oil, have very long service life; And the cheap lubricating oil that homebred much uses black yellow or pure white color, oil worked very easily, and when the weather is hot the viscosity of lube is very low, after taking hinge, can feel caught skill oil.

3, import hinge close lighter, homebred hinge is compared commonly a few harder, two outside the adjustment that imports hinge screw cooperates cheek by jowl, the head is used only screwdriver just is twisted so that move, and of a lot of homebred hinge adjust screw to cooperate to be tightened not quite, use a hand to be able to turn.