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4 old strategies return the low with the most substantial furniture
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Came recently, household sold the sincere letter problem of field to make the central point that a lot of media pay close attention to. Return as a few furniture show sales promotion " inside " by exposure, consumer faces depreciate mixedly sales promotion more and more puzzled: After all the person that common disappear is expended still can buy truly cheap and fine furniture, what kind of businessman is just credible alternative? Here setting falls, the village of furniture of international of Ji Chengwei state that is located in area of Shanghai green riverside gave out he is clear and sturdy sound: Consumer buys furniture here, same type product sells greatly each than the urban district clinch a deal valence low 30%-10% , if discover any price not agree with with acceptance, will get 3 times price difference is returned still. Ji Chengwei state is special express: This one measure lasts annual, differ completely with common level sex sales promotion.

Just when a lot of household sell most bring think be proud " return show sales promotion " during the combination that suffers public opinion and consumer is oppugned, how can Ji Chengwei state make the low of its commodity maintains " pure " ? The reporter got the result after visitting furniture village on the spot.

   Low rent: "Chop below " true space yielding benefit

Mention furniture village, a lot of people feel: Too far. Really, sell than a lot of urban districts, it appears " be located in devious " a bit. But because of this reason, low rent also is the urban district sells here cannot be likened to. The data shows, be in with city of Nanjing of section chief three-cornered, household sells hire of field storefront month to be in 180 yuan commonly / smooth rice, "Luxurious " of a few achieve 220 yuan even / smooth rice. And in furniture village, lunar hire is 60 yuan only / smooth rice, extra administration fee also does not exceed 110 yuan, only the cost that this one businessman saves 30% above. And potential energy of this one actor is in final sale link is reasonable those who be changed into consumer to be able to be enjoyed is true low price. What be worth to be carried more is, in annual furniture village holds purchase trade during congress, enter those who be stationed in a businessman to will enjoy a month " 0 hire " pay! Without doubt, this handle " hire edge tool " will hit for consumer bigger " country yielding benefit " .

Additional, although furniture village is located in Qing Pu, but high speed of river of because proximate Shanghai peace, Shanghai Hangzhou, Shanghai is green smooth, edge, it is the core position of Shanghai freeway network, extend in all directions, communication is so easy, distance people square needs car Cheng many minutes 20 only actually.

   Sell pattern continuously: "Pure " of low " calm Nereus needle "

"Manufacturer is sold continuously " the pronoun that early is price material benefit. Disclose according to place of the personage inside course of study " current game is regular " , furniture agent can receive commodity price with making an appointment with commonly 2.5 times sell to consumer; furniture product to arrive from manufacturer sale terminal, according to different sale pattern, the change of price times is in 1.8 to 5 between! Manufacturer sells the dominant position on the price continuously really clearly. And at present in China the household of great majority sells in field, "Sell continuously " very difficult true implementation. Because manufacturer arrives impossibly basically personally the whole nation is all big in the city opens an a few small store of smooth rice, only acting agency just may follow relevant sell the dilate of field to be nodded to cloth of countrywide each district.
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