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How does beautiful stripe of Jin Zong identify rare teak furniture
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Teak is one of the most valuable hardwood, it is the world's accepted famous and costly lumber, because this lumber contains golden palm,lubricious burnish, beautiful adornment stripe is mixed distinctive function, and can fire prevention is fought bug, acid-proof alkaline, be able to bear or endure decayed, because this teak is become most one of furniture able person that get favour, the furniture that makes with teak already high-grade practical.

Now on the market a few undesirable the value that produced business to see teak furniture, often pretend to be teak to cheat customer with lotus of black core wood. Although lotus of black core wood and teak are outer view and density are photogenic close, but because material is qualitative different, both still put in bigger difference. With element board (say without the common of lacquer plank) for exemple, can pass the following 5 kinds of methods try to differentiate:

One, observation

The furniture wood grain that produces with peaceful shaddock is clear, furniture surface is very slick, feel is very exquisite, as if to had been immersed by oil, and lotus of black core wood appears relatively coarse.

2, smell odour

Teak oneself sends out a kind of acidity, be similar to the odour after meal sour, and lotus of black core wood does not have this odour.

3, combustion experiment.

Take a small dry plank to undertake burning, the smoke that teak sends out is thick and big, and lotus of black core wood is little.

4, drop water experiments.

Take a few water to be aspersed in furniture surface, if water divides what was not absorbed and show bead shape to distributing to be teak, bibulous is lotus of black core wood.

5, ruinous experiment.

Watch furniture board to its change after immersing 24 hours in water, if produce twist, expand etc be out of shape of the phenomenon for Hei Xinmu lotus, and those who do not have any change is teak.

Consumer is when furniture of teak of choose and buy, outside be being differentiated except 5 kinds of methods that can use above introduction, best choice dimensions the businessman with bigger, good reputation, lest be deceived.