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The expert teachs you how to discern high school is cheap furniture
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Rise ceaselessly as what flowing water of person the people's livelihood makes the same score, furniture market is being changed to high quality scales, brand draw close sadly. But the furniture market nowadays, on one hand, although have many high-grade furniture products, but imitation, false and inferior taste brushwood of good and evil people mixed up, overgrown with weeds to be born, let consumer cannot discriminate; effectively on the other hand, while because numerous furniture brand is in,blind pursuit sells congener product, cause characteristic inevitably onefold, coessential change serious, the client differs the demand of dissimilation to cannot be satisfied again. To how distinguishing the furniture of high school low class, I support a few move to everybody here, the labyrinth is nodded in the process middle finger of furniture of choose and buy for you, dispel doubt commentate be puzzled.

1, tell from the style, the class of classic furniture wants prep above generally contemporary furniture.

Classic furniture, main component is classic furniture of European classic furniture and China.

European classic furniture, it is to point to 17 centuries commonly the furniture that to 19 centuries period of this one history changes daily life style, connotation and standard and illuminative archaize duplicate. Because its use manual production, strong language changes breath to make its were surmounted " popular " concept, and those who become a kind of grade is indicative. This kind of furniture is material with real wood normally, have very good hardness already, provide the flexibility that comparative again. Its surface can carve an exquisite design, not as to craze, operating period can amount to a few years of above. The delegate of European classic furniture has: With exalted provide; to wait with the Spanish furniture with romance and celebrated passion with the French home with beautiful famous line with costly and celebrated Italian furniture; .

Chinese classic furniture, basically include 4 kinds of the most important design styles, namely: Chu Shijia is provided (the Northern Dynasties of week Dai Zhina) , Song Shi furniture (Tang Zhiyuan of the Sui Dynasty Dai Jiming face is inchoate) , bright type furniture (bright metaphase comes clear inchoate) with clear pattern furniture (Qing Dynasty. Current, the Chinese classic furniture on market basically is given priority to with furniture of bright Qing Dynasty. Bright type furniture is exquisite and economic, model is compact, the back of a chair of the chair is designed according to the radian of human body, without grandiose part, exquisite still and alleged " one wood become a useful person " , very managing material, for instance chair, on back of a chair most among one is in carve patterns or designs on woodwork and it is bright, scale suits Qing Dynasty of human body; type furniture is trivaller, work at sth with special care, exquisite and luxurious, but very not practical, the back of a chair of the chair becomes right angle from radian, massiness is giant, solid belong to collect taste with the beautiful that view and admire.
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