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Look buy furniture to allow an opportunity " naughty " give beautiful household
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Nowadays, fashionable of sales promotion activity at each big market, this is explained to be modern consumption market by the personage inside a few course of study " opportunistic " . To consumer, begin from the thought that decorates a good home at first, had decided how the opportunity that buys furniture should make full use of. Buy Qi Jiating place to need, still divide in the light of need second add, perhaps perfect gradually according to the style, this is the main factor that affects furniture to purchase cost. Consumer should understand the sale characteristic of furniture adequately, make the program that good furniture acquires, timely skill, ability can grasp bought superexcellent opportunity.

"Opportunity " time palm accuses

Head push holiday sales promotion. Like other industry, furniture industry also can increase sales promotion strength in all sorts of holiday. "51 " , " 11 " of the golden week considerably " yield benefit " , the festival of New Year, Christmas is favourable, it is the first selection opportunity that purchases furniture undoubtedly. Time of holiday golden week is longer, consumer has sufficient time money to compare 3, enough is bought already gratified flexibly the furniture of economic material benefit.

Next, off-season sales promotion, the opportunity nots allow to miss. "Add a quantity not to increase price " , " sales promotion having reward " , " random give sb a present " , " bind a sale " ... phyletic and various sales promotion is the businessman is in off-season the commonly used method that attracts a customer, at this moment the be fond of according to oneself, choose proper sales promotion activity, adopt divide additive kind to buy furniture, also can yet be regarded as a kind astute.

The 3rd, businessman anniversary celebrates sales promotion to bring more material benefit. Novel sales promotion method, multiple favourable means, can bring to consumer true " content exceeds a value " enjoy. It is with the beautiful home that overcome the United States exemple, rolled out sofa and activity of mattess sales promotion this year in June, devoted manpower, material resources sees one spot, to each people that love the home, it is can't afford to lose the opportunity really.

The 4th, over- season, check inventory, remove the concentration that exhibits commodity sales promotion is to acquire the superexcellent opportunity of furniture. Although the replace as fashionable dress is so frequent,the name tastes furniture, but also meet the get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh of individual character be fond of according to seasonal, tide and people, some products were secured when production even output. A lot of bazaar are held in off-season metropolis sell sales promotion especially, discount extent makes a person enchanted, the culture of its furniture itself reachs together with artistic appreciate value, collect the consumer that reachs pursuit extraordinary to the hobby for, such sales promotion opportunity should hold well absolutely.
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