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Small doohickey of economic furniture choose and buy teachs you furniture of roo
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Just bought new home, be in overjoyed before receiving new life, most the one's own little world that lets how the person has a headache even if should decorate you. In the sail about in inn of family property of the size inside the city countless, eventually the style that him make choice of likes, but it how ensure the furniture of your place choose and buy is fine-looking is as good as what quality pays equal attention to to how ensure the furniture of your place choose and buy is fine-looking goods?

Sweet bed, greatly almirah, cabinet match sideboard, soft soft sofa furniture and our life be closely bound up, affecting the life directly quality and healthy.

Now, teach you small doohickey of choose and buy of a few furniture, let everybody make good knowledge reserve before furniture of choose and buy.

  Doohickey 1: The furniture with furniture whether reasonable different material, the surface is used expecting is distinguishing. Be like the hired thug of desk, chair, ark, the requirement uses hard miscellaneous wood, stronger, can bearing, and the ply that interior can use leg of ark of coat of other material; with makings criterion asks to achieve 2.5 centimeters, too thick appear awakward, thin bend easily be out of shape the cabinet of; kitchen, toilet cannot be done with beaverboard, and should use three-ply board, because beaverboard treats water,can expand attaint; table should be able to bear or endure bath.

Discover lumber has bug eye, drop end, explain stoving is not complete. Check the surface, open cupboard door, drawer door to look even inside inside makings degenerate, can use fingernail clutch one clutch, clutch went in to degenerate with respect to the makings inside the specification. Hear with nose after door opening ark, if develop nose, dazzling, weep, content of the formaldehyde in showing agglutinant is too high, the meeting is harmful to human body.

Special clew: Main component is the furniture with common now market real wood furniture and board type furniture, furniture of pure now real wood because its price is high, do not calculate the main trend.

  1, real wood sticks leather furniture: The main part of furniture is real wood () of leg of desk, chair, the base material of bedding face part also is man-made board, just be in man-made board apparently stick the wooden skin with a thick 1MM, make paint next. Visual effect with touch effect pole resembles real wood, average consumer identifies not easily. What look like real wood furniture for the most part at present is this kind of practice, everybody must notice to differentiate.

   2, board type furniture: This kind of furniture is current the mainstream of the market, machine simple, material, production cost sex of low, environmental protection better, value is relative cheap also. What call board it is to point to man-made board, man-made board is a lot of more phyletic, those who be used on furniture basically is particieboard, beaverboard, plywood. Man-made board surface is affixed 3 get together cyanogen amine paper was become " 3 get together cyanogen amine board " ; affixes paper of phenolic aldehyde macerate to become those who write a name " fire prevention board " ... those who need an attention is, this kind in density board is unsuited the body that make cabinet.
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