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Maintain furniture of sorching of summer of small subtle move wants sunstroke pr
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  Woodiness furniture: Be far from heat source and air conditioning a place with a draught

When mass brand sofa is handling wood, can undertake the processing of moisture content first. Professional personage introduces, a lot of furniture use real wood in part getting power, other part is spent with high density board, also be to prevent seasonal heat to bilge cold shrink. Although the humidity of summer rises relatively, lumber also can expand a little only, and the durable sex that these nature change and won't affect high grade furniture.

But, no matter have much stronger durable sex, furniture has service life, to extend operating period as far as possible, want to learn to caress them. Expert proposal, want to be far from furniture heat source or air conditioning a place with a draught, in order to avoid damage of immense lukewarm appoint furniture or premature ageing; at the same time, can be opposite of furniture put the position to undertake adjustment, the sunshine with point-blank escape, use drawer of real wood of; of curtain keep out, sliding door when necessary may because of excessive expand and leave hard close, can mix in brim of drawer, sliding door candle of the daub on bottom slideway or olefin.

   Cloth art sofa: Prevent dirt besmirch bequeath to be in fiber

The summer, as a result of burning sun insolate, the element such as the destruction of tremendous temperature change, sootiness and pet can make do the cloth with comfortable bright originally art sofa stretchs tight closely with each passing day, fade, often had better use the dirt on cleaner or brush eliminate sofa, prevent dirt with this or besmirch is long bequeath is in fiber.

   Coriaceous sofa: Use dishcloth frequently to wipe leather face

The summer should notice dermal sofa more maintain, if maintain for long undeserved, can bring about its to fade, dated, lose luster, make leather is lacked extend a gender and make sofa is out of shape.

   The summer decorates pollution to weighIndoor and ventilated the most critical

Decorate a few poisonous and harmful gas in material, in summertime air temperature the case with tall, big humidity falls, its air releases a quantity to be able to increase. Pollute to avoid to be decorated in the summer " tall hair period " in be harmed, besides should choose as far as possible avirulent the adornment material with little poison, had done even those who decorate a room is ventilated purify with air.
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