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2008 cool summer plan, summer is cool and refreshing guideline of furniture choo
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Face the advent of sorching summer, people besides paying close attention to the electric equipment such as air conditioning, freezer, the summer that is afraid to season still can be accorded with since the care is cool and refreshing furniture. Before long, a few more domestic and international furniture manufacturer lays the view this one consumption to get region, be produced and rolled out large quantities of one belts to have fashionable element, the summer that holds a cool and refreshing function and action concurrently is cool and refreshing furniture. Like glittering and translucent and transparent glass, hollow out lightsome deft and plastic, durable Zhu Teng is waited a moment, clever benefit coloring undertakes designing collocation on colour, the furniture that makes put on summer wear people become light color immediately, bring cool style to the home, make the home concise be not broken again drab. So let you " love mew " will nod icy image, become today Xia Liang beautiful and fashionable a bed of down.

Glass, Zhu Teng, metal, plastic wait for material to apply excellent house product to go up, total meeting gives a person a kind " brilliant brilliant is bright, penetrating coolness " feeling. Want to add this kind of furniture timelily for the bedroom only, although also can let a bedroom in midsummer,change as " glacial times " .

   Brilliant of vitreous furniture brilliant shines penetrating coolness

Cool and refreshing characteristic: Tactility is cool, glance rate is high

Connect by right of what be without foreign matter fully with pure and fresh and bright, straightforward contracted style, vitreous furniture broke up indoor hot and dry, become build the summer cool and refreshing household lives " ace " . Reporter in Shen Cheng numerous household sells see, the color of vitreous furniture has been traditional transparent color not just, it is OK still to use furniture of glass of method of science and technology v the color that a variety of glowing, of simple look, of gradual change color, the colour such as mixture color also lets vitreous furniture change " random flower gradually desire glamorous look " .

Represent work: The furniture such as ark of tea table, TV, table can choose glasswork, if the streamline like water is designed, wide-open result can be achieved on the vision.

Take recipe case: The summer, vitreous furniture is put not to need in the home much, the vitreous furniture that wants a few to connect profusion of fully lovely, colour only will adorn little corner can, can rise " illume " the action that lives in an environment.

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