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Children furniture should notice security is mixed growing sex
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· security

When choosing furniture to the child, the problem that cares above all is security. Security includes physical safety and chemical security again two respects:

Physical safety is to show whether the intensity of furniture accords with a standard, whether does the edges and corners of furniture pass appropriate processing, with whether the potential risk to the child existing on etc design. Child nature is good move, because this physics safety is the main demand of children furniture. Like desk of children bed, computer, push a few etc, the modelling with edge pliable horn is first selection for certain, can avoid the child not careful knock against and the harm that cause. Some furniture manufacturer manages to cater to children heart, a few lovely cartoon figure are stuck in the meeting on bedrail, when parents is choosing this kind of furniture, wear a bed high especially, must affirm whether this kind of stickup modelling has fight wallop enoughly, prevent the child to happen when be dragged with thrust fall off. Need an attention still have the breadth that protects column, too wide an action that is less than protection, too narrow fasten finger, toe easily again.

Chemical safety is the data that in showing furniture is making a process, uses, glue, Qi Ji whether does craft exist harmful chemical material, all sorts of harmful metals that as usual sees (lead, mercury) , benzene and free formaldehyde. Be in Europe, these harmful material are prohibited strictly in furniture. Now, the children furniture of a lot of entrances pays attention to this a little bit very much, use paint or sticky mixture more nevertheless especially, because no matter be the painting that contains lead,still contain the bind agent of benzene, formaldehyde, because the child is gnawed,bite likely, the skin is delicate cause toxic or the skin is allergic. The method that general choice uses Uv spray technology or wears a hammer to replace bind agent with the metal will make children furniture, from go up at all the harm that avoided pair of children.

· growing sex

The child always grows very quickly, because this is very much,furniture manufacturer designs a few children to be able to use old furniture as a child. The catchword that they hit is " the clothes that we cannot give child of 5 years old to buy 20 years old, but the bed that can buy a piece to be able to be used to child of 5 years old however " .

To make children furniture can be not used in children period solely, parents should notice when choose, the facial expression that purchases furniture does not want too bright-coloured, with neuter tonal had better, can suit different age so paragraph be fond of. The height of desk, chair can adjust at will, with getting used to the child grow, at the same time more the good to child nurturance sanitation that use an eye is used to and develop correct sitting position beneficial. And a piece of bed that can follow the child to be brought up together, OKer and optional combination. It can be a fluctuation bed that brings ascend wearing; Still can be the suit furniture that becomes L form, one font with the combination such as desk, chest, and it accompanies the child to arrive from the teenager in constituting change ceaselessly youth, its are final dimension and adult are same: 2 meters 90 centimeters wide, long.
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