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Case is analytic the common consumptive trap when buying building materials furn

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Ceramic tile: Change grade to cheat a client secretly

Ms. Wang bought the floor tile of pottery and porcelain of 30 much square metre in terminal market of industrial product of Xi'an pottery and porcelain, its product is businessman acceptance classy article. After freight comes home, ms. Wang did not open the microscope that pack, when the worker waiting to open the preparation that pack to lay a brick after thinking of two days, ability discovery and sample difference are bigger, ceramic tile surface is put in clear off color, standards is not quite uniform also, the diagonal of better brick also has deviation, the businessman is in sale process, with grade wrong substandard products is replaced classy article sold a customer. Via The Ministry of Commerce and Industry the door appears personally after, the ceramic tile disturbance of Ms. Wang just is able to appease.

To this phenomenon, introduce according to the personage inside course of study, the sample in inn is put classy article, qualification is tasted, in selling a process, taste qualification stealthily, inferior taste the phenomenon that sells a customer to be in ceramic tile industry is relatively at present common, what consumer needs to do is to raise vigilance, when the businessman sends money, need opens the box that pack in time to check, see the product that delivers whether agree with the sample that chooses inside inn; The businessman must let issue normal bill when making a money, make clear on bill classy article, qualification tastes model of written characters, so that occurrence quality problem is solved; Must buy the famous brand with good reputation, do not believe to play the businessman that fold casually easily, they often are met a cost price 60 yuan / piece product mark is 160 yuan / piece sale, even if is hit 5 fold, client also may not be to one's profit.

Furniture: Different bed provides discretion to buy

Ms. Wu saw a bedchamber in some household city 5 are covered, after consign subscription, the bed that the businessman says them is provided 2.1 meters long, it is current the most popular dimension on international, order this bed, need deserves to be the same as the mattess of norms, and only their inn has the mattess that 2.1 meters grow on the market, cost price 1500 yuan / piece, sell 1300 yuan now / piece. Hear this word, ms. Wu not by questioningly, since be the commodity that order, must be the length of difficult roadbed made by businessman regulation?

After consulting the expert inside course of study, ms. Wu understands, the businessman is in sale flatlet furniture while, also hope the client buys the mattess of the form a complete set inside its inn, accordingly with " international is popular " for excuse, lead client is ordered make different bed provide, with seek more profit. Current, major mattess is 2 meters chief norms measure on the market, if bought different bed to provide, opposite and the scope of character choice mattess will be little a lot of, and to it suitable bedding produces deviation easily also.
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