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How does chrysanthemum pear furniture discern

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Saying chrysanthemum pear is close to eradicating all the time, but on the market " chrysanthemum pear " furniture is increasing instead. Two years ago, the well-known trademark of annatto furniture industry " yuan henry " rescue rolls out chrysanthemum pear furniture, appeared on the market after that numerous " chrysanthemum pear " .
Actually, the chrysanthemum pear old stuff that at present rescue gives is few, virgin material already had no way out. Company of real classic hardwood furniture is used to chrysanthemum pear makings is strict all the time guard a pass, can saying is " cherish Mu Rujin " , be not is high-quality goods absolutely need not chrysanthemum pear. Can the Lin Lin on the market always total " chrysanthemum pear " is furniture how to return a responsibility? How can consumer just buy real chrysanthemum pear product again?
What people knows chrysanthemum pear is precious, but of six to one of the can be found everywhere on the market, price " chrysanthemum pear " let people again water of a mist. What does not know " those of this beautiful pear blame spends pear also " . The National People's Congress that rare furniture uses material knowledge knows Huali timber has chrysanthemum pear more, inferior Hua Li, careless Hua Li even of safflower pear say, but we seem to listen to a salesperson to say rarely, my furniture is careless Hua Li.
To average consumer, of resolution furniture using material is a very hard work, but with respect to chrysanthemum pear character, have a very simple method, it is inquire provenance, namely producing area. Chrysanthemum pear originates in Hainan only, answering because of furniture of this chrysanthemum pear should be to refer in particular to Hainan chrysanthemum pear. And now the alleged chrysanthemum pear on the market is the sweet branch wood that originates in southeast Asia mostly, the ground that the salesperson often takes out is: " national annatto standard " in chrysanthemum pear classify under one's name of sweet branch wood, with, sweet branch wood is chrysanthemum pear. If consumer asks the salesperson is on sale contract,make clear chrysanthemum pear, they can say: I am sorry, we are pressed " national annatto standard " can write sweet branch wood to wait only. But want to know, the value six to one of pear of chrysanthemum of wood of southeast Asia sweet branch and Hainan.
Of course, because of diverse consumptive demand, wood of southeast Asia sweet branch also is very good material, but the salesperson had better not play notional game with consumer. In this square face Beijing yuan the well-known company such as limited company of classic hardwood furniture rose henry very good example action, they with the price clearly marked not only actual price, give chapter and verse for, and the furniture product of chrysanthemum pear can write a contract, this ensured consumer to be able to be at ease consumption.
The reason that we say is consumed even if consumer must cast off consumptive blindness, look more when buying chrysanthemum pear product, ask more, the manufacturing base that can reach an industry even goes making an on-the-spot investigation.
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