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Tell you to buy the good secret of wooden furniture

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Real wood furniture raises a key point not only and very environmental protection, the welcome of high-grade consumer in sufferring quite consequently. Board type furniture is low-cost, the effect is distinct, but the density that its use board contain commonly equivalent formaldehyde raw material, long-term contact can cause a harm to the person's body. Two-phase is compared, many consumer would rather spend high price to buy real wood furniture.

Furniture changes a concept secretly fetching enter set

As a result of the arousal of consciousness of people environmental protection, lumber is become gradually rare lack resource, price of furniture of real wood of the prevailing on the market is consequently more expensive than board type furniture also 3 into the left and right sides. Go up in this kind of commodity namely however, of the citizen complain ceaseless.

The businessman that is complained is not mix the false with the genuine, use fuzzy concept however, bring consumer to enter set. The commonnest complain basic be: Consumer the accused knows, this cabinet is real wood, the discovery after buying is not, with businessman theory when, of the accused: The frame of this cabinet is real wood, although face plate, backboard is high density board, but also stuck real wood skin.

The common problem that annatto furniture appears is similar also: Ministry semicolon calls high grade entrance annatto, actual it is to use what import from Africa fast unripe lumber is machined and become. Because grain is similar, by coronal name " African acerbity branch " , " African Hua Li " wait for name high price to sell. Introduce according to annatto expert, alleged " African acerbity branch " , " African Hua Li " , the red woodiness that country of essential short of sets measures a level. Many consumer are mirrorred, because climate is as big as primary difference yield the ground, in home use Africa is imported fast the furniture that unripe lumber machines, very easy because winter is cold dry, chun Xia is rainy and damp, bring about riveting of face plate craze, tenon to become loose wait for a problem. The use value of the product and service life are far low at true annatto.

Decorate decompose quote is shoddy

In last few years, the home installs an industry to begin occurrence become divided, market of the one high end in approving the company with excellent quality to be done only. Tens of thousands of common yuan decorated the market to appear the situation that regular corporation often also has quality to complain, and complain tall house do not fall. A few small-sized decorate a company for market of race to control, use the psychology of consumer covet petty gain, adopting the method that decomposes material of quote, bad to sign up for actor material to let consumer think is " Ping Jing " , was to be duped actually.

In the meantime, some are small decorate a company after accepting business, will subcontract gives " guerrilla " , the overhead expenses with certain collection. These " guerrilla " level canned be imagined. Decorate a company to be awaited when construction, often not hesitate for profit change makings. For example the floor board controls next buying in the client, but if you do not look at a dot when floor, was changed probably.

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