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Raise action: Vogue amounts to a person to teach you how the choose and buy is p

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The bottom of the heart of everybody has a picture, depicting good scene of the home. Modern pays attention to emotional appeal grade, object machine-made, praise highly does sth unconventional or unorthodox, go after individual character again at the same time, advocate the character charm with distinctive ego. Decorate excellent house to decorate from the design, each appearance should accord with his hobby, how can you be ability goes to the confluence with these clever elements one case?

A kind of present popular trend is: Furniture looks first after taking a room, decided style reload to repair, the style that decorate follows the style of furniture to go, the option of furniture is very accordingly important. Buy furniture, see individual be fond of above all. The proposal chooses the furniture of contemporary feeling, because the furniture of contemporary feeling is vogue, contracted. Small family furniture does not suit whole set to buy, had better be mature size furniture include the conformity of gender, function, mix take a perfect effect.

Somebody puts forward household to answer " light is repaired, reshipment is acted the role of " , expert more point out: Furniture should resemble the dress same, often change Chang Xin. Bear in economy force less than, every 2-3 year the furniture that changes a batch of style, as income level rise, this will make a kind of trend, be opposite especially small family, furniture should serve as more " fast consumable " , want to have sufficient capacity only, might as well a bit more captious.

Clever arrangement has doohickey to go up with building city the more 40 smooth rice, 50 small family of smooth rice for exemple, separate kitchen, toilet, assure capacious bedroom even, such space says big big also, say small small also, the key sees furniture how to arrange. Expert proposal had better be used " devil figure " furniture, use quite can, save a space already so, do not break deposit function again. The popular a few model on the market are simple, qualitative the furniture with light, cabinet feeling, and but with optional combination, receive, mobile furniture, carry convenient, tear open outfit is convenient, arrangement rises very convenient also. Such not only managing space, added the function of the room, and abound contemporary feeling, after be in, alternate furniture when, also need not expend setbacks greatly.

Professional emphasizes a point of view all the time: Harmony is delicate. When furniture of small family choice, unfavorable beg big, and appropriate seeks fine. The colour with optional diffusible choose serves as fundamental key like white, make the space becomes bigger, qing Dynasty giving a person is new clear sense. Small family furniture also not demand is expensive beg excessive, common paster, stick wooden skin furniture, want quality reach a standard only, can consider. This pair of small family owner will tell, the price can bear already, the level of the choice wide, wind case still does not break vogue.

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