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Bus stop to move a chair a day
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Yesterday 9:40 Xu, a license plate for the River A56196 310 bus from the bus station bound for unity chadianzi Pixian bus stop, when traveling to the Yulong Bridge bus station when a female passenger to get off the course in and the bus driver, conductor conflict. Female passenger got off the bus stopped, recruited a group of people to call. Until last night, 7 pm, the bus is still parked at the scene. Woman: I hit driver and conductor Yesterday, the bus ride to Yulong Bridge site, the stand near the front door into the preparation through the front door to get off the yellow, but heard the driver say: "have driven the car for a lifetime, and you do not know where to go next winded?" Huang Jin dissatisfied : "You would gnaw so much?" the driver answered with: "I so much? my wife know I have so many words." According to Huang Jin statement, the driver will be repeated three times remark. "We struggle to see the conductor up to push me to want to get off, I'll pull her down. Driver took my hand, scratched my conductor on the left cheek, two people beat me. "Huang Jin said after the driver and the conductor wanted to drive away, she would stand in front of the car, called her husband Chen whole. Chen full with family and friends about 10 people, came Lanzhu bus, has simply moved a chair before sitting on the bus. Conductor: She punched in my lower abdomen Qin, bus driver saying something different, "she ran in front of bother, I think I more than words to apologize to her, just call the sound 'big sister', she did not appreciate it, I just open the door to She got off. "Qin, said that this time, the passenger hit his hand, and also spit into his clothes. The door is open, the conductor to persuade Huang Jin, "and did not touch her, she quickly called, the next. Who would have thought she suddenly turned and punch hit him in the conductor." "I think she hit the driver and spit, also opened the door to persuade her to forget it. She was suddenly struck in my lower abdomen, but also to seize the hair and pulled me out of the car." The conductor said, "I admit I and the driver may accidentally injure her during a dispute. " For Huang Jin said, repeating three times the sentence, Qin, said he did not say. Blocking does not release their relatives and friends 2 million female passenger claims At the scene, the Chengdu Evening News in mind that a group of people gathered around the bus before the parties, there is a man sitting in front of the chair. Reporter later learned that man is the younger brother of Chen Chen Yao whole. Car was stopped, the driver and the conductor called the police. Although both sides were taken to the police station, but Chen has brought the whole group of people still stopping bus, other passengers had to board a 310 bus to transfer to other leave. 310 bus fleet on behalf of the vice-captain, said: "we went to the scene, the first female passenger taken to the Ministry of Transportation Highway hospital, doctors did not check out what the problem concerned the passengers." He said that in the police station, the police make The two sides negotiate, but "she not only requires an apology, and said let us compensation for loss of 2 million fee." A red police station, said the two sides is difficult to consensus, the police can only mediate. If the parties really do not want negotiations, proposed that both sides take judicial channels.