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Building materials tries water " Outlets " high-grade furniture sells mode an ex
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Come a few this years, guangzhou new-blown household sells at every turn just a little 100 thousand square metre, dimensions compares big. This kind of outspread speed can compares the train that high speed gallops, favourable geographical position of profit from climate. On one hand doorsill of furniture, building materials is low, production enterprise is numerous and the amount is developing flourishingly, guangzhou borders again base of Hua Na manufacturing industry; On the other hand, suffer a RMB to appreciate, exit suffocate suffocate, many export businesses turn in succession the market inside the Warring States, be badly in need of extending channel of sale in domestic market. Sell of field open business, like the sport that encircle the ground, naturally not anxious is garrisoned without business shop.

According to preliminary count, at present the household inside Guangzhou city sells the management gross area of field to already was as high as millions square metre, fizzle out only Bu highway exceeds 1 million square metre. These a few years, of building city hot be just as a powerful engine, carry greatly greatly for this train fast. However, once draw the engine of get angry car " flameout " , household sells be immersed in the crisis immediately 4 bend over, be faced with at any time remove the risk of field. Look inside course of study, also not allow next year hopeful. Seek to live on in adversity, seek change to make a key point of course the hottest topic is discussed inside next course of study.

This year 11 golden weeks, with erst " Qing Feng closes " photograph comparing, more have sth in mind or whose " drive cold capability is strong " , had endured slowly severe winter, ability peek " the day that Chun Nuanhua opens " .

Building materials tries water " Outlets " mode

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Reside the market to showing the home of depression quite, 11 golden weeks whether redeem the sale declining tendency since this year, become Guangzhou to be lived in greatly each immediately sell this year labor force the last chance of one wrestle.

The price still is the sharp weapon that each sell a hold a memorial ceremony for to go out greatly, 100 how reside " the quantity is peddled sell especially " , and hand in hand of the well-known trademark such as ceramic tile, floor, Wei Yu together sales promotion, attracted not little person to enrage however. According to 100 how to reside market department staff to divulge, the 11 passenger flow during relatively at ordinary times amplitude is in 80%~90% , inn of new Li bay goes up achieve even 300% , and whole sells average amplitude about 560% .

And beautiful household with ceramic tile blow of sales promotion of its National Day build up date, the pottery and porcelain that its largest window rolls out together with Dong Peng namely " Outlets " mode. "In big market atrophic circumstance falls, mode innovation appears crucial, I people henceforth the point of growth expresses this kind of channel conformity and the innovation of management mode. " Ceng Yozhou of beautiful household general manager tells a reporter, be in 7 days short inside, beautiful household is in what car Bei inn, yellow stone inn, prosperous hillock inn, flower offers 30 square metre to regard a discount as inn to the remarkable extent of 50 square metre respectively in the subordinate 10 branch store such as inn to try trade zone.
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