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Character of environmental protection plank upgrades fission of catalytic furnit
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If say company of a floor a few years " E0 " registering trademark is for the word of hype, so after this Olympic Games " the golden week " before, one domestic furniture raw material of enterprise general product is all from " E1 class " upgrade for " E0 class " and even " super E0 class " the action, it is gradually mature the furniture brand that rise around " environmental protection " shuffle of blow the bugle of battle.

"Carry furniture, elect board first. " the property that produces board of main body material as furniture, infiltrated as incident of 3 deer milk powder of people heart " safe " 2 words, in this rustling autumn wind, sweep across great river north and south. People more and more cherish life, environmental protection more and more the main demand that makes people reside the home to get along, in environmental protection plank " arm " the brand furniture manufacturer below took the chance to launch brand offensive, driving the fission of furniture brand.

Furniture head uses board of super E0 class

Although a few have domestic floor company before New Year " E0 " register brand hype thering is no lack of disrelish, but people knew accordingly however " E0 " this notion that has not confirm formally in national level, its indirect import is two words: Environmental protection.

Affect gradually when incident of 3 deer milk powder when home's famous milk industry is benefit of 3 tycoons Yi, Meng Niu, bright, "Safe " the autumn wind that 2 words rustle like this is same, at once infiltrates the heart of people. Certain milk is drunk much may calculous, where is the furniture that that a very short time gets along? This kind associate naturally the furniture brand that makes those small have name became little a lot of relaxed, much many hardship.

Be in Beijing, those who take the lead in carrying a safety big banner is domain of board type furniture " the leader of an alliance " meaning wind furniture, turn up his nose at with environmental protection character a large number of heroes. The first golden week after the Olympic Games, will be the optimal period that things consumption lives in after people depressed nearly two months. National Day eve, meaning wind is in Beijing all each furniture in old exhibition hall undertook changing blood greatly, level of will original environmental protection is " E1 class " the product upgrades entirely for " E0 class " above, product of a few high end was used even " super E0 class " plank. Ground of Wen Shiquan complacent declares president of meaning wind furniture: "Meaning wind furniture if not environmental protection, our acceptance holiday is punished 10. Our acceptance holiday is punished 10..

This is " E0 class " plank is used to be in in the round by enterprise of a brand first place is made furnishedly on, also be " super E0 class " board first time is in Beijing large-scale appear. According to offerring the luck of plank of this kind of environmental protection Zhonggong article introduces president of company of lumber of former love case, "Super E0 class " plank does not use any glue that contain formaldehyde part in producing a course, the formaldehyde content that plays with natural state of pure natural and fresh lumber almost is same. "Such product is used at nursery school, beadhouse, hospital only normally in Europe, luxury still calculates in the family. " Zhong Gongwen says.
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