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Furniture price will still rise rise Da Lin course of study to appear on the mar
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"Decorate during the Olympic Games how to undertake? " be in in the home the person of construction is considering this issue. Although do not have the home during clear Olympic Games to install now " ban labour to make " , but more and more consumer had put delay decorate construction plan, decorate an expert to also suggest everybody, in the atmosphere with at present thicker and thicker Olympic Gameses of such a the whole people, if your home already start working, so from now on, must do sufficient than at ordinary times more sufficient plan and preparation.

Enter burning hot summer, sauna day is frequent, should calculate entered those who decorate is off-season, suit to hold long construction not quite originally, of together with Olympic Games enter burning hot summer, sauna day is frequent, should calculate entered those who decorate is off-season, suit to decorate construction not quite originally, the drawing near of together with Olympic Games, artificial, carry, the respect such as material limits increase, more brought a some of disadvantageous element to construction process. In the distance the Olympic Games kicks off to have half many month only now, if want to begin to decorate, what can we do?

Clever consumer, had begun to make decorate a plan with what differ before, they step next hearts to choose carefully decorate a company, pitch on undertake meticulously communicating with stylist, the design before decorating preparative work is done sufficient, so that be after the Olympic Games instant start working, hit to have preparation battle.

Continue the in advance that construction makes good material is allocated

Consumer expresses, if the family is decorated in-housely during the Olympic Games can as usual undertakes, the two big problems that face will be material is mixed artificial, because at present a few production decorate the enterprise of complementary makings already stop production, at the same time the carriage of nonlocal material also faces carriage difficulty, because be decorated this now, inevitably meeting is encountered material rises in price and cannot enter the arena in time the problem of construction, in the meantime, artificial cost also is in go up ceaselessly tone, so, of own home decorate expenditure to you can increase ceaselessly?

To this, the Jin Jiang of manager of department of customer service of peak Beijing branch of course of study expresses, during the Olympic Games, the regulation that if did not prohibit,domestic interior decorates, each adornment company basically can assure to be opposite already the normal operation of the project of start working. In the meantime, to adornment company, the project quotes a period in relative stability is fixed, especially to that some of customer that has signed a contract character, although at present material and artificial expenses are rising, all also digest by adornment company, consumer need not worry. Additional, be aimed at the carriage of material, jin Jiang says, each companies should have the preparation that accumulates to decorating material in Olympic Games early days, won't appear commonly the problem that material is in short supply, of course the client that autograph of this paragraph of time makes an appointment with, the peak of course of study or meeting and client are signed inform a book, tell the problem that possible meeting appears during client Olympic Games clearly, such as material is carried period lengthen, custom-built product enters the arena period lengthen. In the meantime, be aimed at an Olympic Games this special period, the material that decorates a company to return a likelihood to need construction place does in advance to allocate, enter ahead of schedule etc, apply the on the rails of industry working procedure in order to ensure.
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