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Lumber of the 5th international and wood trade congress
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"Lumber of the 5th international and wood trade congress " hand in green hurried of net and Asia to be able to be sponsorred by Chinese wood. Rose in May from this year up to now lumber organizing committee already to the whole world company of 300 thousand lumber issued invitation letter, and got domestic and international government reach relevant media support energetically. Foreign government and organization have: Green hurried of ministry of Yierkusite, Burmese forestry, Asia meets Russia, mountain forest of comprehensive institute, Japan meets Japanese forest etc. Foreign media has: Nature of union of Japanese economy group protects association net, Asiawoodweb.com, indiaplyweb.com, timberWeb, WOODY.LT, DEALWOOD, world Panel Industry.

Make introduction of conference organizing committee according to wood, this bound wood is handed in the special subject seminar that analyses around prices of trade policy, domestic and international lumber will be held during the meeting, the organizing committee negotiates constituent merchandise trade (cent log and plank area, wood division undertakes) , the exhibition is revealed, special performance activity, those who arrange around business look around inspect an activity.

Wood hands in the product that meeting exhibition shows to divide area of A, B, C, D in all, supply area of area, plank area, wood division, silvan attestation product for raw material respectively. Remove attestation raw material to purchase channel to make domestic wood produces an enterprise to be able to be built, let abroad buy the home to buy China to pass the wood of attestation conveniently, congress is in ad hoc committee of borough of silvan attestation product " international attestation product exhibits an area " , will exhibit at the appointed time FSC attestation product, basically be FM raw material and COC product; PEFC attestation product, basically be FM raw material and COC product and CE attestation product.

Up to to to get a country in all to congress at present the letter in reply outside wind reachs phone of pay a return visit to be as high as 500 much person-time. This gives well and truly in time to the staff member of the problem is met among them solve, the staff member to having demand can offer a help immediately, strive for more efficient buy with the butt joint that sell, the butt joint of resource and capital. Although the conference still is done not have but there already are ten to join meeting enterprise to reach consensus below the help of staff member of congress organizing committee.

Meeting date draws near, foreign enterprise signs up ceaseless, to answer this one circumstance. The organizing committee added two international phone again, receive at any time hear international incoming message. New the domestic and international enterprise that sign up will ascend the website in this congress to go up in succession (Www.mujiaohui.com) . To what sign up to come at present foreign enterprise has respectively come from: The country such as Germany, Canada, Singapore, Portuguese, Russia, Burmese, United States, New Zealand, Finnish, Japan.
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