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Plank of win initial success of market of board type furniture contends for batt
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Some closer year, board type furniture in the market sell all the time very prosperous, people choose and buy when board type furniture, what buy furniture from the judgement on the brand normally whether environmental protection, little imagine, the main factor that decides furniture environmental protection is the board that it uses. Plank makes the take cover engineering in the process as furniture, before moving toward a stage from the behind the curtain this year. Big inferior, Ou Desen is high-key appear, wait for particieboard of domestic and international brand with roric river, Ai Ge " make hit " .

Plank is produced can superfluous cause a company rapid move is hit " brand "

Current, business of domestic plate production is brought about because of the change of market environment it is difficult to live, because,basically be a lot of a less known and inferior brand army eager for quick success and instant benefit brings about produce can superfluous. Introduce according to the personage inside course of study, from 2006 second half of the year begins, domestic man-made board skyrocket, a lot of investor for gain this money, cross this trade in succession, produce can expand quickly. Only 2007, particieboard of 2 million stere puts in the market. Appreciate ceaselessly as the RMB, the occurrence that abroad furniture returns the special case such as the dumping, make home has the board keep long in stock of 20 million stere to cannot be exported at least, can seek home to digest only consequently. To particieboard enterprise of home, brand and public praise are the key that lives in the competitive environment of miserable intense.

And for the domestic plate company to already little famous energy of life, although enterprise of numerous a less known and inferior brand is blocked before, but, domestic and international market is extending ceaselessly to the demand of high grade plank. On one hand, when the enterprise such as domestic furniture, ambry is making a brand, be in to the demand of high grade plank growth, on the other hand, as the promotion of Chinese plank quality, market of overseas of plank of high grade brand also is " sweet pastry " , its export a quantity to begin to pick up.

"Plank is allied " emerge as the times require emerges in endlessly

Some closer year, board type furniture did not pursue dozen of primary sale method that changes give sb a present blindly, be fond of however " plank sale " . The meaning wind, furniture company such as 100 strong, Guo Anjia beauty was comprised 2005 " alliance of couplet of plank of German love case " , it is domestic furniture company the earliest " plank sale " . And enter 2008, board big fight is all-time and intense: In May, enter Beijing field already roric river plank of 6 years announces in Beijing, as beautiful as meaning wind, music, 100 strong, east 100 fill wait for enterprise of 19 well-known trademark to form allied associate. In June, music beautiful furniture, puissant furniture, Oriental 100 fill, be able to bear or endure plank of zoology of brand of furniture of this 5 big capitals and German Ou Desen forms Telier, green island the strategy cooperates, "Ou Desen is allied " the plank of high grade zoology that will enjoy the plate company Ou Desen with the biggest Germany to offer only. This collaboration reflected the development trend with furniture large trade, also will have far-reaching sense to having the pattern of plank market and furniture industry to evolve.
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