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Lumber price rises repeatedly sale in domestic market of fight in some places on
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Log of Russia of second half of the year exported custom duty to will promote substantially 2008, achieve 80 euro / stere. "A few days ago, russia is stationed in China business affairs passes exit wind on behalf of Qipulakefu. This message comes out, import in log undoubtedly 70% result from the China of Russia is overhand bomb of a heavy pound. As we have learned, chinese lumber imported 36 million square metre 2006, import 21.82 million square metre from Russia, 70% what occupy entrance gross. 2000 - 2006, russia lumber imports the portion in lumber gross to exceed 50% in China.

The price won't rise greatly brand antagonism risk

With respect to Chengdu character, although raw material price appeared of different level rise, the rigid cost of furniture industry raises somewhat, but whole industry is very stable still, should say furniture price won't rise greatly 2008. "The director Pan Yijiang of 81 furniture city tells a reporter so, closely related the furniture trade situation of this and Chengdu.

On one hand, the " that regards countrywide furniture as the industry 3 drive one of carriage " , the furniture company of Chengdu all the time dominant is worn 2, 3 class market, the product is main sale in domestic market, on this foundation, exit drawback wave motion won't be very big to the influence of the enterprise.

On the other hand, plain inside also was born now the furniture brand with many driving actual strength, wait for the product of brand enterprise like completely friendly family property, a beloved daughter, develop the race to control of share of pair of one class market already, the product sells as far as to European Union, southeast Asia. Have the company of foreign sales to this kind, the likelihood suffers exit drawback to drop the impact is bigger, although the RMB appreciates,can make furniture company reduces the cost that imports timber, the loss that because furniture speaks price fall,offsets on certain level place is caused, but we should be sober see, the price resides the lumber of the international market not to fall high all the time, country and the area such as America, southeast Asia, Russia begin to control log export.

The market exports transition sale in domestic market to quicken industry " to shuffle "

The statistical data according to association of Chinese furniture trade shows, 2007 1-10 month, custom of countrywide furniture product exports the forehead to grow 27.39% compared to the same period, reach seventeen billion nine hundred and seventy-four million dollar. Although exit forehead continues to grow, but the export volume of many furniture products appeared to drop considerably however. 1 to in October, volume of export of countrywide metal furniture decreases compared to the same period 84.26% , volume of plastic furniture export decreases compared to the same period 66.32% , volume of export of other data furniture decreases compared to the same period 91.55% .

From the point of countrywide furniture market, still was exit furniture company 2007 by trade impact is the biggest, although the RMB appreciates,change to the cost that reduced lumber import, but from the point of the international market, lumber price rises not to fall repeatedly, country and the area such as America, Russia begin to strengthen the control that exports to log, the short-term profit that the RMB appreciates will disappear very quickly very much.
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