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How much does Chinese furniture bad news know with lumber
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China has a boss of large furniture company to say, chinese furniture is planted every year together with domestic tree the area that is equivalent to 10 Hong Kong. Can be imagined, what what Chinese furniture uses lumber demand every year is big.

The tradition that Chinese furniture line of business goes uses material is real wood, in planned economy times (before 1978) , 11% what the wood that Chinese furniture bad news uses occupies countrywide lumber wastage, dropped 2005 9.1% . Countrywide lumber used up 140 million stere 1999, among them furniture bad news uses 24 million stere. Furniture bad news used wood 2004 44 million stere, 5 years of time, chinese furniture increases one times almost with material, bad news used lumber to drop to 38 million stere 2006.

From 20 centuries since 80 time, chinese furniture line of business begins to use man-made board to make furniture in great quantities.

Station of business of export of the oldest furniture rises China group, manufacture the woodiness furniture of 200 million dollars, should expend lumber of 82 thousand stere and man-made of 93 thousand stere board, man-made board scale is occupied 53% . My country provides the Guangdong of the biggest province, annual bad news uses man-made board 9 million stere. Large and medium-sized furniture company, press computation of overall material utilization factor, man-made board is taller than log utilization rate, log is 60% , man-made board utilization rate is achieved 90% .

Chinese furniture uses material and Japan, Germany, United States, Italy to compare, make a furniture likewise, china wants than Japan 3.8 times more multi-purpose lumber, want than Germany 4.2 times more multi-purpose lumber. According to concerning investigation the data shows, the scale of Chinese real wood is 47% , and an investigation of the United States, real wood uses those who make at furniture is 23%(China one times taller than the United States) . Italy produces big country for furniture, and the furniture that uses real wood only 15% , real wood is used commonly make high-grade conventional furniture.

How many does company of furniture of our country wood have after all? According to count of industrial reconnaissance survey showed 2002, company of dimensions above furniture 26320, among them wooden furniture company 20218, occupied 76.82% . Data of statistic of center of light industry information, in the furniture of the 13.7 billion dollar that our country exported 2005, wooden furniture has 4.658 billion dollar, occupy 33.83% , wooden furniture exported 8.78 billion dollar 2006.

From 1998 Chinese home prohibits cutting primitive forest since, the trend that Chinese lumber support imports grows strong. According to statistic, to 2003, lumber already was become be next to oil and iron and steel the 3rd use greatly assemble a product. Imported log 2004 26 million stere, china imported timber 2006 (log and sawn timber) 38 million stere, predict to import lumber to make an appointment with 43 million stere this year.
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