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Furniture coating industry " problem " place arms
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As raw material rise ceaselessly, manufacturing cost also is in promote ceaselessly, branch of national environmental protection is right of environmental protection guard a pass more and more severe, pressure of battalion of already of look forward to of small furniture coating is greater and greater in making, market share also gradually atrophic. On the other hand, industry competition is more and more intense, the manufacturer depreciates only order of in an attempt to, formed a vicious circle. Furniture coating industry grows now, formed overmatch to heal strong, the situation that the weak loses more. Data shows, in industry of coating of our country furniture, small company was occupied 80% , have 20% market share of the left and right sides only however.

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Opportunistic be current: "The product line of business of most furniture paint is very long, if furniture coating thinks way,produce only. Do not have method, want to continue to live, money has to earn. " Mr Li says director of brand of China embellish coating so, "But because scope is little, fund is limited, whats fail to make choice. " the reporter discovers in covering a process, quite business of one fraction paint still contends for raw material with big company, contend for carry, grab market, contest low, both sides is in contrary competitive condition. Have more very person, edge ball was hit in product nominally, caused undesirable effect to the industry.

Market structure unbalance: Warm up as the abidance of furniture line of business, furniture paint business also gained opportunity. The production of carpentry furniture coating and demand increase considerably. Show from concerned data in light of, what use at present basically is polyurethane coating, 55% what occupy carpentry furniture coating to always be consumed about, nitro- lacquer is occupied about 20% , coating of not saturated polyester is occupied 10% , coating of ultraviolet light solidify is occupied about 9% , coating of odd constituent ability in swimming is insufficient 6% , acerbity solidify coating is insufficient 1% . Look from the angle of environmental protection, the development space of coating of ability in swimming has not been done completely. But, because the brand inside course of study is overmuch, coessential,change serious, the enterprise is about to be faced with shuffle.

Idea idea is conservative: "At present business of major furniture paint is on pair of company competition ability and the understanding that grow mode, the idea is more conservative, basically center on the element such as land, capital, technology, raw material, talent, equipment, market. " some major personage says to the reporter, "Recombine in the asset of high quality, constituent management, capital is run, the respect such as talent and information management and action ability lacks enough understanding. " in market competition environment, exhibition period of company stability hair is briefer and briefer, vicissitude of the market is bigger and bigger, the pressure that face is greater also.
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