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Furniture market appears polarization international luxury to taste card layout
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Was destined 2008 is collection of not ordinary a year of alumnus, after shake of earth of plain of the snow calamity that experienced the beginning of the year, short of Wenshui River, the 2008 Olympic Games of Beijing that let global Chinese raise one's head and look expect obtain consummation, in hearten compatriots spirit while, many industries also are shown be anxious faintly, afraid " effect of Olympic Games trough " economy of China of meeting be a burden on grows, economy of the Olympic Games after be opposite also becomes the heat that industry pays close attention to to the influence of furniture industry.

Add in international economic situation fast put delay, below the element influence such as structural adjustment of domestic macroscopical adjusting control, comparative this year partial medium and small businesses is faced with capital catenary to rupture wait for difficulty, according to statistical data, the whole nation the medium and small businesses of above of 67 thousand dimensions closes down first half of the year this year, serve as labor among them concentrated model the spin industry medium and small businesses that the industry represents closes down many more than 10 thousand, the spin company that has 2/3 is faced with reforming. And in Dongguan, beginning already appeared to shut agitation last year, include many furniture companies among them. While cost of price of domestic raw material, labor rises ceaselessly Sohu net, the United States second borrow the crisis, dollar to devalue quickly the predicament of inside and outside that the company of our country numerous furniture that cause is immersed in double converging attack.

Market of furniture of prospective whole nation will appear 2 extremely the development posture of differentiation, namely market of furniture of 23 lines city a new force suddenly rises, become pull the country needs the strategy inside furniture important pillar in moving, and rise continuously the furniture spending market that develops city of old a gleam of will be entered extremely possibly dish whole period, nevertheless, in high-end furniture market, especially luxury spending market will maintain strong bullish strong.

   Furniture market is shown 2 extremely differentiation

Because the country is macroscopical of adjusting control effect show stage by stage, continuously old all the way mad the real-estate industry that go up, the city of a gleam of that the delegate is with Shenzhen since this year begins to enter drop passageway. The report that research center of Shenzhen city estate issues points out, suffer global economy to glide and the influence of the element such as domestic inflation, the market is wait-and-see atmosphere is grumous, house price falls continuously Goodfeel, the market is in continuously adjust position, build commodity house to sell dimensions to continue to drop, the market trades continuously low fan. Press current sale sizing, the residence of annual sells an area to be controlled in 3.5 million square metre about, be equivalent to only 1997, the level between 1998, build commodity house to sell dimensions to drop range is bigger.
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