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Opinion of treaty wording of standard of product of peaceful wave furniture asks
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Furniture business contract is furniture trades all the time the important basis of the buyers and sellers in the process, the contract is right bilateral duty authority is clearer, the controversy of consumer and operator will be less, make bilateral interest gets thereby more effective protect protect. Be aimed at an our city the content that exists in furniture business contract before is too simple, responsibility is not quite clear, the description of mark is non-standard, bilateral right and obligation are stated wait for a problem in the round not quite, disappear of peaceful wave city is protected appoint, chamber of commerce of furniture of city industrial and commercial bureau, city rolls out combination treaty wording of norm of furniture product business. Text in all 10, main content includes: The description of mark, " furniture operation instruction handbook " requirement of collateral obligation, delivery, check and accept reach 3 packets of responsibility, trade settle accounts square type, responsibility of breach of contract, controversy settles the core provision such as means, made according to the need compasses of custom-built furniture contract to do a job want to make an appointment with. The make a comprehensive view is whole treaty wording, trade in the light of furniture product obligation made the right of each link buyers and sellers be decided clearly about, have the following 4 big characteristics:

   It is the businessman is filling in when the contract must the standard tags furniture advocate the name with talent qualitative ability, prevent not tender material causes consumptive controversy character.

Material is the crucial essential factor that decides furniture product quality and cost price character. Qualitative classification of active furniture material is complex, mostly consumer is impossible to differentiate furniture material to pledge like professional personage, if advocate talent ability is stated character not clear, incorrect, will bring about consumptive dispute. For instance introductory sofa is derma, local derma and complete derma, head layer skin and 2 skins price differ very big; The introduction is balata wood actually for oak, price of the change of one word should differ several times. Trade in furniture at present in the process, advocate talent ability is tagged on the contract character non-standard, some verbal commitment by the businessman, tag to prevent non-standard, oral introduction forbids to cause consumptive controversy truly, ask operator is adding up to Alexandrine standard to fill in now product advocate talent ability is qualitative, and with " furniture product manual " keep consistent. " furniture product manual " it is national mandatory standard, as furniture " Id " , qualitative to furniture use material, care and maintenance, harmful material releases a quantity to wait to all make clear specification, can help consumer not only " understand " furniture, and the written consent that is the person that businessman offset is expended, have legal effectiveness, if acceptance and product are real,function nots agree with is break a contact. When consumer is buying furniture, the attention asks for a manual, will tag in the book show a name to undertake checking with contract place, ensure buy the furniture with conventional conform to.
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