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Hair change appoint say annatto furniture will be executed " census register " a
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"The home has annatto, if sit money library. " annatto furniture one's previous experience rare, quality is superior, it is the person above average in Chinese furniture from of old. At present our country economy is in flying hair exhibition period, national standard of living rises significantly, people takes seriously generally indoor decorate and furniture is purchased, a few first rich removing comer is to have a special liking more to annatto furniture. But the difficult differentiate of lumber true bogus that the name on the market is annatto, very confused, this kind " red " the increase that showed the case of furniture city to harm consumer badly.

Recently, the country develops and reform committee announcement, rose on September 1 from this year, " furniture of brunet and rare hardwood " mark brigadier is carried out formally, according to expert introduction, brigadier of this new bid is used " furniture of brunet and rare hardwood " the furniture that a general designation has annatto culture intention, besides former " annatto " 33 of the standard precious rare be short of a tree to plant or since bright Qing Dynasty the partial tree of continue to use of conventional furniture place is planted outside, still " China basically imports lumber name " standard and " name of Chinese main lumber " standard (contain concealed duramen) lumber of rare or high grade entrance, include annatto furniture the category of culture. And the interest to defend consumer, the standard returns a regulation, the annatto furniture of the sale must indicate grade of place of production of product name, lumber, complementary makings, timber, quality, coating, norms is waited a moment. A man of insight points out, this standard is equal to for " annatto furniture " made strict " census register is made " .

On current market " annatto furniture " appellation and normative traceable our country are light industrial occupation standard QB/T2385-98. This standard preface has the following content partly: "Furniture of brunet and rare hardwood (annatto furniture is only among them one part) the solid woodworker that regards China as the tradition is provided, the history is long, charge for the making of sth. is exquisite, it is a gem of our country. " from this people knows, "Annatto furniture " just " furniture of brunet and rare hardwood " one kind, it is the sort of a furniture that be named by the name that basically uses certain lumber tree of the regulation to plant and labels. So, it what lumber tree basically use to plant is OK to what lumber tree basically use to plant name for " annatto furniture " ? Shortly will carry out " furniture of brunet and rare hardwood " have in the standard differentiate clearly and limit. That is to say, cultivate kind of furniture that is main use lumber with what mention in the standard only, just can say for " annatto furniture " .

The disappear in occupying assist statistic of nearly two years, percent of pass of annatto furniture market is only 40% , consumer is right of annatto furniture complain the sign that shows year after year to rise. In actual life, for the consumer that regards annatto as furniture, few somebody has the professional knowledge that identifies annatto material to pledge, make clear Hunan place purchases the true fake with furniture qualitative material very hard. Once produce consumptive conflict, consumer is in dimension authority process, the furniture material that issues by a few concerned orgnaizations only detects character report, often obtain those who get law to approbate hard. A few illegal manufacturers got this chance just about, tagging of furniture with material go up to make secretive text greatly. Be aimed at this one phenomenon, concerned expert thinks consistently, of new standard come on stage, to the confused current situation of annatto furniture market, will remove differentiate bogus to know the true, positive effect that bring order out of chaos.
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