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The expert forecasts foreground of furniture ambry terminal market considerable
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On October 18 morning, cabinet of many furniture of domestic defends the expert inside adornment course of study to gather together capital inferior couplet furniture ambry develops forum, with respect to the industry brand of current situation of supply and demand of development trend, material, product is built wait for a topic to undertake be discussinged deep, reach consistently afore-mentioned conclusion.

Secretary-general of council of cabinet of Chinese furniture association seeks brave to express, nice topological features of 4 big profit promotes effectively the development of furniture ambry industry and relevant and professional terminal market: The first, the city tears open change to transform make oppidan had new building, rural reform enters drive, construction of a wide place in the road is being quickened, of the farmer curtilage base also had value, the region uses a room, the room drives furniture ambry; The 2nd, people life idea produces major change, from the bedroom arrives the sitting room arrives to room having kitchen have integral cabinet, furniture ambry demand jumps; The 3rd, appropriate is mixed at national support auxiliary, development of industry of Chinese furniture ambry is swift and violent, material pledges quality promotes apparently, design engineering capability promotes considerably, can and international brand compare the United States; The 4th, market construction had extend newly, be like,Beijing has market of a lot of famous furniture truly sincere outside city, unexpectedly the home, but they with retail give priority to, stay to terminal market have very large space.

Standing vice-chairman holds association of Beijing interior decoration concurrently Ma Zhiwei of organizer of secretary-general Shen Zhenhai, professional brand and ambry of 10 digital furniture are collected, for, sold delegate also expresses, furniture ambry terminal market should assure character, professional, sincere letter and environmental protection only, the future is not had but set limit to.

Capital inferior terminal market of couplet furniture ambry has such quality, it is the terminal market that China north area faces furniture ambry manufacturer exclusively to supply raw material, cover an area of 70 thousand Yu Ping rice, first phase assemble come from go up more than times 300 domestic and internationally product of stone of 10 thousand kinds of furniture, hardware, ambry, facing board, man-made, woodworker, with goods total value demand of low, main contented trade is management tenet, strive to make become China north ambry of the oldest furniture is wholesale base.