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Happy read extensively from furniture the center is formal more the name is cent
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On October 21 morning, be located in happy from the Luo Fu of position of furniture market core palace international furniture reads extensively the center was held grand more renown ceremony, by original Le Congguo border furniture reads extensively center, formal more the name reads extensively for furniture of international of Luo Fu palace center, adumbrative move is happy will enter internationalization to manage from furniture market " times of Luo Fu palace " .

Hold the balance inside furniture line of business as a result of center of rich of home of collect float palace, its more attend a ceremony comes before renown activity attracted large quantities of furniture industry experts and media. Of occasion lively, for happy from furniture line of business in recent years scarce. As royal gun salute noise of heart-stirring prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun rises, by president of group of collect float palace Mr Li Jinghua opens personally " furniture of international of Luo Fu palace reads extensively center " fascia, win attendant furniture operators applaud to the echo. The spot is a firework more 4 shoot, hundreds multicoloured balloon waves to the sky, hold team of yellow letter lion concurrently to make wonderful dance lion perform, spot atmosphere is enthusiastic and clinking, it serves to show this one grand occasion is reached support by great attention.

Collect float palace lives in the controller of the group to express, of center of this home rich more renown, will conduce to further conformity and promotion " Luo Fu palace " brand, the Luo Fu below group division palace international furniture reads extensively limited company of beautiful household of Europe of palace of Luo Fu of center and suitable heart two principal subsidiary are strong powerful combination, unite conduct propaganda, to purchase business, consumer to will bring those who have actual strength to reveal, the service of taller qualitative element.

Furniture of international of collect float palace reads extensively the center holds water from 2000 up to now, already developed expand the large furniture of Chinese the first of all purchases a center now, it is Guangdong saves first furniture more kind credit demonstrative market, construction of sincere letter inn is in inside the industry get run position, be located in domestic rich center the • of collect float palace of 6 buildings imports a house, it is the costly brand of top end on current China and even world more, all these is meant, "Collect float palace " the brand already was become worldwide inside approbate, the banner famous furniture brand inside household industry.

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