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Furniture of glass of the 3rd metal designs a contest to be about to spread out
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Design working committee to sponsor by Chinese furniture association, furniture of international of center of development of research of industry of timber of Langfang city steel, Sheng Fang reads extensively the city is in charge of appoint meeting, Sheng Fang presses down furniture guild to undertake furniture of glass of metal of the 3rd China designed contest general 2008 on November 1, 2008 - will hold on July 1, 2009.

As we have learned, this match will with " culture of sitting room series " give priority to a problem, thematic paraphrase: Sitting room furniture includes commonly: Ark of tea table, TV, flower a few, sofa, clothes tree; Series: The furniture of two above serves as combination; Culture: Have inside information of culture of Chinese and Western. Participate in an object to be domestic and international design orgnaization, school, individual and enterprise. Take part in the match the main material that designs work must is metal, glass, Yakeli, plastic etc.

Design the evaluation requirement of the contest: Work should accord with the theme of current contest, must be original creative work to taste, be risked without copy and encroach other intellectual property; The design work that take part in the match needs to accord with contest requirement, assure comfortable, benefit at production, accord with adds up to human body engineering; Need mature vendibility, the trend of product future holds on certain level. The match separates school team and social group, set the award such as golden honour award, silver-colored award, copper award, outstanding award.