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Fu Bangge of mangrove bay
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Recently, furniture of rich nation international reads extensively the center adds furniture of bay of partner —— mangrove newly to read extensively center, establish “ rich nation formally furniture of · mangrove bay reads extensively central ” . As Hua Na furniture of famous bay of furniture brand mangrove reads extensively of the center join in, cause the intense attention of Shenzhen furniture retail trade.

New the “ rich nation that hold water furniture of · mangrove bay reads extensively central ” will appear with overall figure. Outside dividing the partial operator that keeps original, still will introduce a few new brands to have complement, transform furniture of files of collect high school to read extensively at the large furniture of an organic whole stage by stage center. Its biggest change reads extensively in furniture of Yu Gongshu bay the center will guide advanced and mature management is mixed management concept, “ rich nation furniture of · mangrove bay reads extensively the furniture that the center makes Shenzhen and even Hua Na have force most is retail brand.

It is reported, the group of mangrove bay furniture that established 2004 is the whole nation first collect furniture reads extensively, can be exhibited and the brand reveals the furniture of large green environmental protection that is an organic whole the theme sells market. Since practice, this company holds to “ from beginning to end the management concept that with the person article ” and “ human nature change ” , spend the directive train of thought that is the only measure ” that measures the job with the satisfaction of “ client, business door, from 2005 be in to 2007 flower, Zhao Qing, time bay of Yu He Li opened 4 market, establish established Hua Na to write a person of academic or artistic distinction to have the place of retail brand.

Mangrove bay furniture reads extensively central success but end the characteristic at 3 respects: Par hire, overall market special project is transformed and become by estate, formed par sell a hire the dominant position; Big batch replenish onr's stock, adopt nature to its purchase channel originally to undertake large quantities of quantities purchase; Battalion carry cost is low, the one big characteristic of mangrove bay is ” of favourable geographical position of “ downtown gold, favourable geographical position is good, the battalion of furniture carries cost nature is reduced.