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Qualitative check service and talkfest of furniture industry development are hel
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Organize by center of national furniture product quality supervision and inspection " qualitative check service and talkfest of furniture industry development " the near future is held smoothly in suitable heart. Talkfest aims to strengthen qualitative check orgnaization to serve an enterprise to serve social function further, raise service level, strengthen a government to produce supervisory government to arranging heart furniture, promotion arranges standard of quality of whole of heart furniture product.

Zhao Jian of secretary of center of product quality supervision and inspection was saved to introduce Guangdong save qualitative check center to arrange heart base near future to pledge according to the country check total bureau and province pledge inspect bureau deploy comes on stage on the meeting east, 16 measure that serve an industry and qualitative check orgnaization highlight service company to blend in economy to develop the concept of spring tide in new period, reported national furniture to produce center of quality be careful in one's conduct to the person that attend the meeting (Guangdong) the demand that staff member standard serves. Center of qualitative check of national furniture product (Guangdong) of director Hai Ling exceeds the introduction 1-9 month arranged product of heart area furniture to supervise 2008 selective examination the general situation that circumstance and national furniture pledge check center serves ability, analysed dragon Jiang Hele mainly the overall condition that at present from two towns furniture industry quality selectives examination and ought to emphasize the main quality problem that solve, made clear furniture to detect the service of the respect is affirmatory. Happy from furniture association chairman He Yongniu also reachs qualitative check orgnaization to supervise to the government selective examination the job offerred a lot of good opinions and proposal.