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Dongguan furniture industry strides substantial pace to solve raw material probl
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The peony river that investment of Guangdong Dongguan entrepreneur builds 200 million yuan limited company began Dong Mumu trade a few days ago trial production, indicate second move strode a ladder of Dongguan furniture industry materiality one pace. Leader of Dongguan city the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and Jiang Sen of many 130 entrepreneur, peony are versed in the personage attended trial production ceremony related the bureau.

As we have learned, this project by Dongguan furniture association 5 members company invests jointly, annual producible furniture component and compositive material 40 thousand stere, furniture plank 40 thousand stere, plank and furniture product basically are sold toward long triangle, bead trigonometry and other places, collect becomes a useful person to be given priority to with export. This project is Dongguan furniture association and peaceful fragrance river city and solemn arris municipal government sign construction " Dongguan furniture city " enter first times of the project be stationed in an enterprise. Zhu Naizhen of peony river deputy mayor expresses, those who hope this project can come true to participate in collaboration with raw material is much win an objective, comply with Dongguan furniture industry to upgrade move trend, solve industry of Dongguan furniture company to change the problem such as wants low cost raw material, the forest that be lengthened at the same time and perfects peony river forest zone, Mu Leng machines industrial catenary.