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First China · division of 7 rivers furniture and household culture exposition c
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Today, by a definite date Chinese · of 3 days division of 7 rivers furniture and victory of household culture exposition conclude.

Leap develops Yang Fengfan

More than 10 years ago, "Shuang Xie " be in amount to the foot of a hill to fall, an old name for Japan agrees riverside the break ground on this dark fertile soil and piece, 7 rivers had formed wood industry group today. Meanwhile, on the basis that changes fundamental industry to develop flourishingly in coal report, the food of 7 rivers, mechanical, building materials and group of pharmacy continue industry are initial already also form.

Enter thorough practice to develop reforming and opening of view, souvenir scientificly 30 years, lift new have a bowel movement of round of thought is put, promote better rapidder progress 2008, the new course of development that itch to try sets foot on 7 rivers city to develop scientificly. 7 4 second plenary meeting formulate 7 rivers municipal Party committee, standing committee of city National People's Congress was passed " 358 bouncing type develop a program " . This one operate from a strategically advantageous position, exceed with great quantity program, the happiness that represented 8 years of time for 7 rivers person wishs scene, determined 5 fixed position that bouncing type expands: Anxious report of northeast of wealthy town of economy of construction civilian battalion, construction changes, country of the country that builds agricultural special local product, construction fast city of gardens of landscape of slippery talent base, construction.

The program is established, if He Chengsheng is ongoing, advance a program to fulfil, the lead the way of 7 rivers person the giant that just is like the peak that stands in peach hill, again scan widely China, far hope Na Baichuan of the world, sea, An Zhengbo is brought, collect comes together civilian wisdom, if rafter is a good deal of,brandish, depict the good perspective that gives wood industry: Hold first China · division of 7 rivers furniture and household culture exposition, build act in an opera of stage, enterprise through the government, expand open to the outside world, strengthen communication cooperation; Make industry of large dominant position, promote economic development; Reveal urban culture, promote a city image, make scale of industry of furniture of 7 rivers city hard big, product does essence of life, management to do fine, sale to do flourishing, brand to be done noisy, build 7 rivers city the heart in the furniture production center with northeast main area, sale, meeting exhibits a center.

Daring how is baronial, wish view is infinite and good, be based on have an insight into abstrusely. Look from home, we are developing level at new history, the country revitalizes what base of northeast old industry plans to carry out, big in urban shanty town is transformed, the history of thatched cottage of mud of the processing of area of energy town settlement, countryside is terminative, and the demand that people increases ceaselessly to family property of modern, green, accumulate the tremendous business chance that containing furniture and household culture and the powerful motive force that bouncing type expands.
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