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" painter " the good assistant that takes the home to choose household to buy fu
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The near future, make for household, the household exhibition hall, Guangzhou that sells field and individual shopkeeper to offer professional soft hardware and service solution science and technology of grand door information, decorate user and furniture purchaser choose and buy to live in things and tie-in design household to decorated plan to provide a simple and easy operation platform for broad household, manufacturer of successfully help household product, agency offerred fictitious show arena with what real phase is united in wedlock. " draw Home • " an application that household scene reveals a system is development of development of limited company of science and technology of information of Guangzhou town grand door at living in an exhibition hall, sell of field three-dimensional and fictitious reveal a system. It uses big screen high-definition show, completely three-dimensional and feeling or remote control operation, stereo show wait for latest technology achievement.

   " draw Home • "- - the Home “ ” that lets a client taking his goes choosing household

According to grand door science and technology relevant controller introduces, through " draw Home • " system, the client can observe from random angle is all-around not only the information such as the modelling that understands household articles for use, dimension, characteristic, price, and can be inside a fictitious room environment, household the product procrastinates at will move, put and combine, can match completely according to oneself apiration the domestic environment that gives individuation. For instance, in " draw Home • " inside the system, the client can procrastinate casually move a sofa, change its point of view, if liking, still can delete it instantly, the sofa with change better goes in see the effect. Also can change the color of wall paper at will, hang a picture on the wall even, a flower is put on tea table, want a client to think of only, " draw Home • " can accomplish.

" draw Home • " use very simple, need the operation of Zun Jian of a mouse only. " draw Home • " the means that what use is type of a kind of scene, the user seems to play game inside same. Different configuration shows demand in the light of what differ, dynamic solid years shadow, most of bewildered cruel show the result, as the shift of the mouse, ramble is in each corners of the house. In the meantime, can be opposite follow one's inclinationsly of the house decorate undertake modification, achieve the optimal result in ideal.

   " draw Home • "- - those who let an enterprise have space of infinite ” of a “ is fictitious sell

The household that household manufacturer always considers to him elaborate design and production come out shows great master in the round as far as possible, but be based on sell a space finite, the combination of a lot of products exhibits the effect is not very ideal. However, " draw Home • " can the product with entire company, build complete 3D product warehouse. Do not need very big sell, want to be able to put down only " draw Home • " , can show overall product the user.
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