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Furniture of Chinese metal glass designs a contest
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Compere announces prize-giving celebration begins formally

& of contest of design of furniture of glass of metal of the 2nd China " furniture of Sheng Fang international reads extensively city cup " contest of model of furniture of international of new silk road, the course is as long as the intense contend of a few months, the victory falls next heavy curtain, was in late on September 16 the letter with pretty scenery installs green manorial held grand prize-giving ceremony.

Make furniture of Chinese metal glass match of the first brand

As the rapid development of industry of our country furniture, china already became world furniture to produce big country of big country, consumption big country and exit, it is with the exit amplitude of metallic furniture especially the fastest. From the development of international furniture material the trend looks, international furniture market by " carpentry times " cross " metallic times " , it is the development trend that gets used to this anew, have society in Chinese home support energetically below, by Chinese home assist those who design professional job committee to sponsor " furniture of Chinese metal glass designs a contest " emerge as the times require, open up the beginning of professional furniture match, aim to make furniture of Chinese metal glass match of the first brand, let more, more outstanding furniture designs personnel to participate in, promote the development of Chinese furniture industry jointly. The course is successive of two matches drive, pass the double innovation of science and technology, design, promote Sheng Fang's brand competition ability ceaselessly, raise brand and industry to reach consequence in the position on the international market.

As we have learned, the 2nd " furniture of Chinese metal glass designs a contest " with " contracted & is practical " for the theme, let architect utmost ground develop the perspective with oneself individual liberty, with the metal glass, Yakeli, plastic wait for blame tradition material to be raw material, the design gives practical, beautiful, fashionable furniture work, suit is current at the same time the theme of green environmental protection, accord with the aesthetic trend of contemporary person already, have the practical function that promotes the life quality again. The work that passes nearly 7 months is collected, share those who come from different area and country to take part in the match work 1425, take part in the match author limits wide, work is much, design subject matter is novel, a lot of work have higher design idea. Via preliminary examine and verify, the work that accords with contest requirement 1394, classics contest evaluates group expert appraise sth through discussion, cent society group and school team two kinds, each have award of gold, silver-colored, copper and outstanding award to count a name.
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