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08 China. Forum of height of times of Nanjing new furniture begins shortly
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On September 23, "Forum of height of times of new furniture of Nanjing of 2008 China • " will be in Nanjing big public house of Ding Shan garden kicks off grandly. It is reported guild of furniture of in relief group of this second forum You Gongtai, Nanjing, " contemporary wall bulletin " hold jointly. Disappear of controller of concerned leadership of Nanjing furniture association, each big media household, city assist, management board of industry of folk of citizen political situation, municipal appoint the government sector leader such as industrial department, and businessman and company of production of 300 furniture of countrywide, brand enterprise will attend this second height forum.

As we have learned, forum of height of times of this new furniture will develop around furniture industry and furniture sells mode of field industry condition to spread out discuss, it is the gaudy that the experience communication of high standards, Gao Shuiping, viewpoint communicates. The sponsor that serves as forum and sponsor square, leader of high level of red sun group also will ask a vessel furniture to course of study expresses an opinion with respect to the near future, the development direction that shows to broad consumer Hua Dong MALL and city of adornment raw material are respective and market locate.

Chief discloses related ministry of layout of red sun group, the furniture of city of raw material of red sun adornment reads extensively two big projects are in center and the furniture life house of Hua Dong MALL at present in fervent action business, the area with two distinctive projects advantage and poor dissimilation fixed position, and the Gao Shuiping that casts those representing capital runs a concept, attracted with all possible means the great interest of expert and trade public figure and attention, make the central point of this height forum. The personage inside course of study points out, red sun group marchs 8 years in a large-scale furniture line of business, the advent of times of Nanjing new furniture.

Forum returned industry of furniture of put up with that day " green lacy 100 days of travel " the activity undertakes summing up, additional, guild also the Nanjing furniture market 2008 makes put up with relevant summary, spot atmosphere will very enthusiastic.

Relevant introducing:

Red sun furniture reads extensively center

Red sun furniture reads extensively in be located within city of raw material of red sun adornment, management area amounts to 200 thousand square metre, it is Nanjing and even Hua Dong's oldest furniture sells, will be circumjacent area crowd of nearly 5 million potential consumption brings brand-new furniture to buy an experience. Red sun furniture reads extensively central position is unique and novel, have inside its experience by furniture admiral house, custom-built furniture house, household act the role ofing tastes house of theme of brand of house of theme of brand of shop of furniture of thematic house, modern office, Jiangsu, Guangdong to wait for house of 8 big themes to comprise, su Na of product general radiate, North Jiangsu, Anhui east, south Anhui, the market such as Anhui north, Shandong, Henan.
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