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The value of a chair more than 6000 million
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Last weekend, held in Beijing, Nanjing Chia Tai Ming and Qing furniture auction auction, although not at home, but this auction was overwhelming, the Ming imperial court in which a pear top spot sold 62 million yuan, plus 12% of the total commission amount of nearly 70 million yuan, the highest in 20 years a new auction record pear chair. At the same time, another auction Guardian special furniture Ming pear also in Beijing Kaichui, 2.59 billion turnover stunning and pear robust in much furniture in the domestic auction market. Refresh pear furniture prices Two held over the weekend the Ming and Qing furniture auction record for transaction prices. It is reported that the fall in the Guardian auction a total of 61 pear furniture making, 100% of the turnover, the total transaction price of about 2.6 million average cost per case 4 million yuan. Among them, a "horseshoe legs next six pear cluster moire shelf bed column" After 36 bids, with its high turnover of 43.12 million yuan, setting a day before the special court in Jiade Qiu took a pair of "Huang Qing Emperor Qianlong pear pieces of Dragon senior cabinet "has just hit the auction record. The record is refreshed soon, professional management of classical furniture auction auction company for the first time to Beijing, Nanjing Chia Tai Denver, beat the field, a starting price of Kau Yi Ming pear were announced, the buyer will be engaged in a fierce competition, eventually sold 62 million high prices, the highest category with a world record auction. Reporter learned from the Chia Tai auction, this special total turnover of the Ming and Qing furniture, up to 208 million (including commission), turnover rate of 95%. Nanjing not beat the price? Official said, that the pear is also a top spot in Nanjing is unlikely such a high price of the transaction, "the Beijing market financial strength or greater, like the Ming and Qing furniture, more and more people are more focused." And to better reflect the auction market price changes. In recent years, indeed there is speculation the price of pear ingredients, but the real value of a good thing or a steady rise in the auction market can best illustrate the problem. Mahogany furniture, Chinese people feel good, while the broad mahogany furniture, including pear, red sandalwood and so on. Chia Tai told reporters related to the auction, as long sunshine, high rainfall, Hainan is the largest producer of rosewood, the scientific output of Avocado pear and been referred to as "pear." Pear has a feature that is hard wood, the texture clear and beautiful and on cloudy days when light emitting fragrance, Ming-style furniture using pear more. In recent years, more and more worth pear, and is steadily rising. It is reported that up to 5 years of pear will face extinction, there are many manufacturers in the plane dug roots stumps. Currently, the relatively poor root material sold 1,000 -2,000 yuan / kg, in the tens of millions of new material / ton.