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The luxury of several hundred thousand dollars a chair to stir up desire to b
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Tens of million of chairs, if you can pay less a down payment on a house, many things you can buy a small square house, but how to make tens of million of Chinese people would buy this chair it? Relative to Europe and America, in China, "for whatever reason to buy dozens of chairs in case" has a greater variety of answers China is an emerging desire for people to markets, it is everyone knows the truth, but not everyone spoils, the same as the high-end luxury furniture let us see the other side of the Chinese market. They face problems in China will be able to say a word in fact clear: both conspicuous consumption can not catch the "Express" and can not be conveyed to consumers in a short time of its true value. High-end design furniture store, "Design Republic," the founder of the Miss Hu Rushan to high-end furniture, consumer psychology as a "buy underwear," but in fact this is this "lost" more optimistic view of the market, in business Design Republic nearly four years and agents of the large number of international brand of high quality furniture industry, she still felt "a lot of foreign furniture brands in the Chinese market has a strong interest, but the face of differences in consumer attitudes but seemed helpless." Explore the conspicuous consumption Do not you know if the design is not too familiar with the brand story, then you go out and buy a few hundred thousand will be the chair for what reason? Sign face or to the quality of life? This issue relative to the U.S. and Europe in the Chinese market has a greater variety of answers. Hu Rushan in interview told us that Design Republic of the consumer population really know how to design less than 20%, and other high-end furniture store with China than it is already a proud figure. Nordic style China CEO Simon Lichtenberg pointed to a harsh reality: "History has proved that the design quality and level of education is always linked. And in developing countries, high-end consumer groups are beginning the nature of upstarts." In The furniture industry accounts for only 2% of the national high-end consumer market, highlights China's new money to the weak consumer awareness of lifestyle. "Chinese consumers are still willing to spend money on visible places, such as fashion, watches, cars and so on. Home, it put it back. High-end furniture market in China is only about one-tenth of the United States." "Home fashion" editor Yan Zhixian, who witnessed the development of China's domestic industry, the industry ten years, also said: "The rich history of the Chinese people is still relatively short, the cultivation of taste is a process. For the use of some furniture, or even How to use professors from the start. the same industry in foreign countries, a concept designer and the client and design for the monasteries, from production to purchase all existing understanding. and this understanding may require dozens or hundreds of years of history. This Why is the development of luxury furniture in the country needed a longer process of reason. " The lack of taste and conspicuous consumption have flooded the Chinese market, not just Russia and the Middle East are also the same problem. "And the field of luxury goods, furniture, fashion compared to some of the already slow." Hu Rushan living abroad for many years told us, "If you go to New York's Fifth Avenue or Tokyo's Aoyama, you will find the best furniture brands are not the location of the core shop, and focus on its cross support on the road. "On the other hand, do not like the fashion furniture purchased on a quarterly basis, as new, even the rich class of consumers, but also want a million dollars can be used to make sofa may be a long time. The reason for this result of the international first-line furniture brand presence in China with fashion brands can not rate the same language, had entered the furniture brand has lost because of lost in the state of confusion. But not all high-end furniture stores are barely operating, such as the Design Republic, Leonardo da Vinci, the two have a rather different marketing model of the furniture stores are in China has been developing steadily, from their example can be seen Some Chinese luxury furniture questions. Saw the opportunity of education, education, education Design Republic opened four years ago, the beginning of the store in Shanghai Bund 5, this rather high-profile location was a lot of people by surprise. But then people found the design was not reckless Republican, but simply the product of market demand. "At first, we are very frustrated, when we do a project in need of furniture, always the problem of the sea extended period. In this market need to offer an excellent range of classic and modern furniture store." The next years to prove that they opened just in time, "If you look high-end furniture in China in recent years of development, you will find nearly four years of growth to be significantly higher than the previous six years." hold the same views with Hu Rushan also Yin Zhixian She told us: "Although the Chinese furniture industry has not explosive growth, but nearly five years of relatively stable growth inside." Yan Zhixian think this kind of relatively stable growth with people's lifestyle has a lot to improve. In addition to time to shop, Design Republic's business model is also worth exploring, the store has always been to design furniture as the core selection criteria, and continue to invite such as Tom Dixon, Ross Lovegrove and other big names to shop for design communication and advocacy, we can see the design you want from the Republic raise up the basic lifestyle of consumers, not just care about sales growth. This proved to be a very feasible directions: the relative lack of passion in this market, the design has actually set off the Republican brand Moooi lantern sales world record. Foreign media for their evaluation is: "To be successful, it needs to do business, as did the Republican enthusiasm for design. In the endless stream of millionaires in China, they will go further." Nordic style as Simon Lichtenberg said: "Education, education, or education, we must continue to tell consumers how important a good way of life." Another model If the Design Republic's success proved more or less to enhance quality of life of Chinese people, then the Da Vinci Group's sales were reflected another Chinese consumers value: more emphasis on luxury, brand or price. Rather these values with Chinese characteristics, but generally Armani / Casa, Verasce Home, FENDI CASA, Cerruti Baleri accepted by other top luxury brands. The Da Vinci Group brand in China chosen by agents, since its inception in 1978, Leonardo da Vinci has become Asia's largest home and interior decoration supplies retail agents. Database marketing is their main marketing. Accumulated rich list and contact information, through the activities of marketing, word of mouth to spread their own brand introduced. And they are not agents of the brand in foreign markets, as did large-scale advertising, but rather to focus on Sharon to do reception and top designers. "China's high-end furniture market size is very small, most of the elite and the rich are buying." Yan Zhixian said, "less a luxury home for large-scale advertising through the mass media. For the general population can not afford to buy ads read." Republic relative to the design, looks more like Leonardo da Vinci's marketing is to take a "shortcut." That meet the current market rather than the taste of the practice, but also to see some of the industry problems, such as FENDI CASA Yin Zhixian like that brand, though sometimes a luxury, but the design on the lack of new ideas, and even "looks too old gas", as market development, "new customers will not like that old-fashioned brand." But having said that, China's luxury furniture market is still relatively slow, consumer groups, the values of new money will not quickly change. Leonardo da Vinci knew it, shop from their footprints, we can see some clues: In addition to the first store opened in Singapore, the Da Vinci open more retail outlets in Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia and the Chinese mainland and other places, but more mature design quality as Japan and South Korea are not in Leonardo da Vinci's business map. Design Republic and optimistic about the sale of two modes of Leonardo da Vinci, let the money market in China's new taste and purchasing power to enhance both saw some hope, and many have international brand shop in the country believe that the consumption of new money a few years from conspicuous to be a leap in quality of life, maybe get rid of the furniture industry lost around the corner.